Albion closes park bathrooms after frequent vandalism

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 August 2018 at 8:23 am

Provided photo: This toilet at Bullard Park was yanked out and damaged on Thursday.

The Village of Albion is closing the bathrooms at Bullard Park and Veterans Park (corner of Linwood Avenue and Brown Street) after frequent vandalism at the sites this summer.

The latest happened on Thursday when a toilet was ripped out of a bathroom at Bullard.

“We can’t have this anymore,” said Mayor Eileen Banker. “It’s costing us a fortune.”

Vandals have been ripping out toilets, stuffing T-shirts down pipes and wiping feces on the walls of the bathrooms.

“When is enough, enough?” Banker said this morning. “It’s costing us money and manpower. It’s very frustrating.”

The Department of Public Works has to respond to the vandalism, often pulling the DPW from other pressing tasks in the village, the mayor said.

The village may allow the bathrooms to be open for special events, but they will be locked as soon as the event is over. Albion may also go with porta-potties as an option or more expensive stainless steel toilets that are much more difficult to remove.

The mayor urged people to report vandalism in the parks and community by calling the police.

“If we find out who did this they will pay for it,” Banker said about the damaged toilet and bathroom at Bullard. “We will hold them responsible. We will press charges.”

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