Albion chiropractors celebrate 20 years

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 17 April 2013 at 12:00 am

Photo by Tom Rivers – Lisa and Michael Misiak marked 20 years as professional chiropractors today. They gave away free T-shirts and food to many of their patients at Oak Orchard Family Chiropractic.

ALBION – Twenty years ago Michael and Lisa Misiak graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis. The new professionals would marry and build a business in Albion.

They say they are happy they settled in Orleans County, where they are active community members. Their chiropractic offices are part of the couple’s house at 3912 Oak Orchard Rd. That has been convenient while they have raised three children.

Mr. Misiak grew up in Buffalo and first worked in Amherst, “where there are 100 other chiropractors.”

He came to Albion 18 years ago to fill in for Dr. Richard Shraven. Misiak went to the local diners every day and saw many of his patients. He joined the Albion Fire Department and the Elks Club, where he remains a member.

“I liked the way everybody knew each other,” he said. “It was quite different than in Amherst.”

His wife was working in her hometown in Fairview Heights, Ill. She joined Mr. Misiak in Albion more than 16 years ago. She served recently on the steering committee that helped pick the location for the new Hoag Library.

The couple’s diplomas hang on a wall in the waiting area of Oak Orchard Family Chiropractic. They both graduated on April 17, 1993. On Wednesday they celebrated by handing out T-shirts and food to patients.

Both of the chiropractors said they made the right choice with their profession. They work with patients to have properly aligned spines and nervous systems that are free of interference. They have seen patients debilitated by headaches and musculoskeletal imbalances turn into long-distance runners.

“I see miracles every day,” Mrs. Misiak said. “I love watching the body heal naturally without drugs and surgery.”

Mr. Misiak said the couple strives to help people live as healthy as possible. They also promote nutrition and orthotics when needed.

“We can be an intercessor, helping patients to be healthier,” he said.

The couple is looking forward to marking 20 years in Albion.

“We’ll have an even bigger celebration then,” Mrs. Misiak said.