Albion boxer, 16, fights hard in split-decision defeat

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 11 January 2014 at 12:00 am

Photo by Tom Rivers – Nick Platt, left, unleashes a punch against Cody Burry of Batavia in a kickboxing bout tonight in Batavia at the Clarion.

Doug Platt encourages his son Nick during the bout in Batavia tonight. Doug is Nick’s coach. Alex Colon of Batavia was also in Nick’s corner.

BATAVIA – Nick Platt fought the best fight of his amateur career tonight in Batavia, scoring several knockdowns in an amateur bout in Batavia.

Nick, 16, of Albion lost in a split-decision to Cody Burry of Batavia. But Nick showed he can take a punch – and a kick – to the face and body, while inflicting a lot of punishment.

One of the judges gave the win to Nick, but two awarded the fight to Cody, giving the Batavia boxer the win. Nick and his father, Doug Platt, were enthusiastic after the bout, even with Nick’s bloody nose.

“It was by far his best fight,” said Doug Platt, who is also Nick’s coach. “He was aggressive and he worked in a lot of combinations.”

Nick Platt knocked Cody Burry down several times. Angelo Castricone is the referee.

Nick debuted in the ring in September with a loss, but he won last week in Jamestown. His bout against Burry was one of nine fights on the card in Batavia at the Clarion.

Nick has shed more than 50 pounds in the past year since he started training and boxing at the Charisma Boxing Cub at Phoenix Fitness in Albion.

This was the first boxing match I’ve ever seen in person. It seems far more brutal in person than on TV. You can hear the thud of the kicks and punches.

The rounds last 2 minutes and it feels like a long time, especially when you’re close to the action.

Nick had a bloody nose at the end of the fight.

Nick took a hard kick to the nose in the fight’s early seconds. He kept going and I thought he controlled the pace of most of the fight. His father says Nick uses “relentless pressure” to wear down his opponents. I thought Nick won this fight on the strength of at least five knockdowns. But Cody Burry from Batavia was no slouch.

Burry fights with Ellwyn Roberts gym in Attica. Roberts was the organizer of the “Battle of Batavia,” which attracted about 300 people to the Clarion.

Nick entered the ring to the song “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit. he prefers country music but he didn’t think that was the best intro for a kickboxing match.

Nick had a swollen nose after the three-round fight. He said he felt great and would get out for a morning run tomorrow.

Nick and Cody commend each other after the fight with referee Angelo Castricone and await the judges’ decision.

The event was supposed to include 10 fights, but one of the fighters backed out. Doug Platt said it takes a lot of courage to get in the ring, especially in front of so many people.

“Anyone can do it if you put your mind to it,” Nick said. “The main thing is you’re going in, win or lose.”