Albion BOE candidate wants to be an advocate for students

Posted 25 May 2020 at 7:11 pm


So, I have done the stuff: started a Facebook page, ran the ad on the Orleans Hub, and put up the signs. By all methods possible, I have tried to safely make sure that everyone knows that I want the job. Yes, I want the job!

Running for a position on the Albion Board of Education is more to me than a political journey. I want to be able to sit at that table again and use my experience to benefit the members of the community and most of all the students.

You see, I believe with my whole being that every conversation, at any school district board of education meeting, should start with the question, “How will [insert topic] benefit our students?” The children of the district are, after all, the reason the district exists.

I also promise to advocate for you. Yes, advocate. I will not make a promise to you that any singular item will most definitely happen, but I will advocate for you with everything I have, should you bring your desire to my attention.

If I don’t know the answer, I will find a reputable source to get it for you!

All candidates were given the opportunity to share how we would contribute to the board of education in 100 words or less. You can read my 100 words on the school website. Here are the 153 I would have liked to share:

Coupled with all of the important issues we face in public education today, our district will soon be completing a search for a new superintendent. Challenging times call for board of education members who are able to remain objective and student focused while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

I am a graduate of the district (class of 1985) and SUNY Oswego. My two children are graduates of the district as well (class of 2015 and 2018). Working as a realtor in the area and as a volunteer with several organizations has given me a unique perspective on local issues.

My prior experience as an Albion Board of Education member for 5 years concurrent with 3 years on the BOCES board along with my deep commitment to the community will be an asset. I look forward to the opportunity to serve once again and help Albion continue to be a “leader in the business of learning.”

Ballots have been mailed and I ask that you follow the premise that “we saved the best for last.” Please vote for Marlene Seielstad to represent you on the Albion Board of Education.


Marlene Seielstad