Albion attorney says Sandy Church has experience, knowledge to serve the county well as judge

Posted 7 October 2017 at 8:42 pm


I was going to write about Sandy Church in support of his personal and professional qualifications to be County Judge.  Then I read Cindy Downey Troy’s letter here in the Hub extolling him.   Anyone who has any questions or reservations about Sandy should read it.  It is stunningly accurate and I will not repeat it.

However, there are two additional observations that I can make as an attorney. First, Sandy does not jump to final conclusions. He grasps things immediately! Nothing gets by him. But he is also wise enough and concerned enough to keep an open mind until all the facts are in and weighed. People want and need that in a Judge. They deserve to be heard out and he is careful to do that.

Second, Sandy already has experience in all the relevant Courts to do the job – Supreme, County, Surrogate and Family Courts.  People generally do not realize how important experience is for an attorney. In the few years we have in law school we do not have opportunity to read the tens of thousands of cases that one might need have at their fingertips in a Court situation.

In fact, it’s required that Supreme Court Judges have 10 years extra to study and learn after law school. They need that extra time to acquire the depth of knowledge needed to handle the intricate situations they see in a sound and legally principled manner.

Sandy Church has the gamut of knowledge and experience required to serve as our Judge covered –  in Aces and Spades.

Conrad F. Cropsey