Albion and Holley police make changes in responding to some calls

Posted 16 March 2020 at 9:48 pm

Police chief wants to reduce officers’ potential exposure to virus

Press Release, Roland D. Nenni III Chief of Police for Albion and Holley Police Departments

The Albion and Holley Police Departments are changing some of our operations as how we normally function because of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. As per the guidelines being implemented by the Center for Disease Control and other federal, state and local authorities, the Albion and Holley Police Departments have taken steps to reduce officers’ exposure to the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

These steps are as follows:

• The Albion and Holley police stations’ administrative offices are closed until further notice. Only police officers and other essential persons will be allowed inside the stations.

Officers can be contacted through the County Dispatch by calling 585-589-5527 or in an emergency by calling 911.

For administrative needs, call the Albion PD at (585) 589-5627, and the Holley PD at (585) 638-5308

• Non-essential administrative support personnel will be in the offices to answer the phones on an intermittent basis.

• Officers responding to calls for service that are not priority police calls may utilize phone contact rather than appearing in person.

• Officers may, if the call for service warrants, ask persons to speak with officers outside rather than indoors or in close proximity.

These steps are being taken to reduce officer exposure so there isn’t a greater disruption to police service.

The Albion and Holley Police Departments are making sure that our response to calls for service for the protection of life remains at the highest level and is not jeopardized by the steps indicated above.

These operational changes will remain in effect until further notice is given.

We ask that citizens understand our frustration during this difficult time and we hope to resume normal operations as soon as it is safe to do so.

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