Albion 4th graders showcase local landmarks in art project

Staff Reports Posted 14 February 2019 at 6:35 pm

Photos courtesy of Albion Central School

ALBION – A group of fourth-graders participated in an after-school Art History Club with Mrs. Pritchard and Mrs. Prince. The club was sponsored by the Community Schools grant, which provides extended day and week programs and opportunities for students and families.

The top photo includes, from left: Abigail Kipler, Brown’s Berry Patch; Drayson Shonerd, Hoag Library, Alyssa Adkins, Carl I. Bergerson Middle School, and Drew Pritchard, Santa Claus School.

The Art History Club was a fun way to learn about local history and create an art piece. The students researched various local landmarks. Each student then had an opportunity to choose a favorite landmark and design his/her own 16″ x 20″ rendition of their landmark.

Several different mediums were offered (markers, paint, pastels, oils, etc.) that allowed each student to create unique and creative pieces. Mrs. Prince framed each landmark piece.  The artwork will soon be displayed in the elementary school hallway. The pieces are very colorful and a beautiful representation of our historic landmarks.

Brianna Lewis, Ronald L. Sodoma Elementary School; Gloria Cabic, Charles C. D’Amico High School, and Makayla Fidanza, Swan Library.

Erika Hess, Cobblestone School House; Gracie Tardibone, Erie Canal; Rilee Taylor, Cone Zone; and Aliyah Pollock, Downtown Albion Main Street View.

Melia Prince, Cobblestone Church; and Kailyn Smith Holder, Civil War Memorial at Mount Albion Cemetery.

Dulce Sanchez, Oak Orchard River; Analiah Figueroa-Fuentes, Orleans County Courthouse; and Yaritza Fernandez-Perez, Oak Orchard Lighthouse.

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