Al Capurso brought passion and kindness in serving the community in many ways

Posted 21 February 2021 at 8:27 am


I remember Al Capurso from the time he was a child. In 1965, Father Joe Rigley recruited me to bring migrant children from Coloney Camp to the St. Joe’s Boy Scout Troop. Al’s Dad – Al Sr. – asked me to help with the troop, since we were bringing in a bunch of kids. Al Jr. and Bob were scouters then and great kids and accepting of the migrant kids.

Then Al worked with Rev. Edmangelesdorf, who headed up a 1970’s drug outreach program, a nation-wide popular approach to reaching out to kids tempted by drugs at that time. That staff were like guardian angels to youths in our community, available at all hours. Al was a tireless, 24-hour advocate and rescuer of youths in crisis.

Al then became one of the first counselors for the County’s Alcoholism Counseling Program.  When STOP DWI came in and dramatically changed the culture of drinking and driving, Al was at the forefront.

We, the Probation Department, dedicated one officer to handle 50 felony level DWI’ers (95% likely to be alcoholics). Al and our Karl Holt teamed effectively keeping our probationers in treatment, sober and off the roads, so that we had no repeat offenders in nearly two years, a remarkable task in dealing with alcoholics. Karl left for greener pastures. Al continued.

Also,  Al  brought to our community’s historical heritage and political life the same energy, effectiveness, generosity and kindness that he’d shown all his life. We all know he loved music, which he also willingly shared to ours and others pleasure. He was a “man for all seasons,” a loss to us all, but a gain to Heaven.

Bob and Margaret Golden


Mr. Golden was the Orleans County Orleans Probation director from 1964 to 1988.