After mass shooting, cast away ideological struggle and embrace peace

Posted 16 May 2022 at 9:26 pm


I write to you today with a heart ladened with sadness in response to the evil act of abhorrent malice that took the lives of our beloved citizens this past Saturday in Buffalo.

For those who lost immediate relatives and friends, who are most heart-stricken in this loss that we all have sustained, I offer my most affectionate sympathy in this time of afflictive bereavement; may He who tempers the wind look down upon the widow, the orphan, and the shattered soul with infinite compassion in their despair and desolation; and that the God of mercy will fold the arms of His love and protection around them.

Let us improve the anguish of this moment. Now is not the time for severing what binds us together as a human family. Now is the time to cement the bonds of friendship and union with wise employ of reciprocal kind and friendly acts that promote the welfare and happiness of each other.

Now is not the time for proclamations. Now is the time to recognize that there are those among us who are empty vessels, who hunger for certainty and meaning, who yearn for enduring steadfast human commitment.

Let us all, lay down the vengeful words and images of endless ideological struggle and embrace each other as we are, as one people.

Peace be upon the people of Buffalo.

Steven R. Bunch