After lots of effort, Covid-19 test was available – 6 weeks late

Posted 25 April 2020 at 6:14 pm


Report from the Covid-19 fight:  Here in the Lattin Road “bunker” our youngest  (name omitted for fake privacy) had the “Creeping Crud” six weeks ago and spread it to her Mom and me.  She called the State testing hotline and left information with no reply.

On Thursday the phone rang from a State worker in Crown Point NY saying that daughter was “selected” for testing.  After giving the worker a NY State geography lesson, Albany was nearest site!

Hoping to help, three of us drove to Albany yesterday (Thruway tolls all electronic, service area open with limited service). The vast SUNY Albany campus is now a closed National Guard camp.  Many thousands of cones, tents and guards. Flashing billboards for “Appointment Only” testing, “keep windows closed”. All for drive-up, in-car test.

Final result, test was a swab for current Covid-19 (Six weeks too late!).

Well, we tried. Drove home, ten hours.

Gerard M. Morrisey