After GOP Primary defeat, Krull says he looks forward to general election in November

Posted 15 September 2017 at 3:10 pm


As we look back on the Republican Primary, it is what it is! We can’t stop thinking about this campaign. We want everyone to know we were honest and true all the way through.

We were not surprised to have two signs run over, eight signs missing, and one burned to the ground Tuesday night. We felt this was destructive and wrong. Only God knows who did this. We have way too much class to even go there.

My opponent has run my wife’s family into the ground. I do hope he benefits from this. Get over it. Let’s move forward to the November 7th election. Let’s make it a November to remember.

I am on the ballot on the Conservative line and the Independent line. I am a proud, hard-working, devoted Highway Superintendent, and am very proud of this.


Dave Krull, Carlton Highway Superintendent – “a non-politician!”

Dar Krull, Campaign Manager

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