Afghan war orphans arrive today for Project Life

Posted 5 August 2014 at 12:00 am

Press release

WATERPORT – Project Life is thrilled to welcome three orphans from war-torn regions of Afghanistan, arriving in Buffalo today to take part in Western New York’s War Orphan’s Rehabilitation Program.

Iqbal Satar, Mohammad Meer and Nasratullah Lal have all overcome great challenges – including recent massive technical problems with the U.S. visa system – to join orphans from around the world for the two-month program.

“We are pleased that we were able to get the Afghan orphans here, despite the enormous difficulties,” said Linda Redfield, Program Director for Project Life. “They live in a country that has been torn apart by war for decades now, so their physical and social needs are very high.”

Project Life is an all-volunteer, locally based program that brings small groups of orphans to the countryside of Western New York every summer from international war zones. The children are hosted by caring local families and benefit from daily English instruction, art therapy, physical recreation, and lots of field trips in the area.

They also receive free medical and dental care donated by local health professionals and medical facilities. At the end of the program the orphans return to their extended families in their home countries.

“Two months of rest and relaxation, with good nutrition and medical care, can literally save the lives of these children,” Redfield said. “They go home healthier, happier and much more hopeful, knowing they have friends here who care deeply about them.”

Project Life is funded by donations from private citizens and benefits from the generous support of local faith organizations, service clubs and small businesses.

Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Chris Collins – along with the great staff of the American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan – have helped Project Life hugely in making it possible for Afghan war orphans to travel to the United States for this life-saving program.