Addams Family cast in Albion embraces quirkiness, being true to self

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 24 March 2023 at 9:25 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

ALBION – The cast of The Addams Family performs the opening number of the musical on Thursday during a preview day in the middle school auditorium. They are singing, When You’re An Addams.”

The family is visiting the graveyard for an annual gathering of all family members, including the dead who are the Ancestors.

Albion performs the musical with shows at 7 p.m. today, and noon and 7 p.m. on Saturday.

“There are so many parts and so many opportunities for the kids in the cast, crew and all of it,” said Connor Doran, the musical director.

He said the message in the show challenges the audience to consider what is normal.

“They want to be heard, respected and loved,” he said about the Addams family members. “It’s within all of us to look within ourselves and discover who we are.”

The Ancestors, including Chloe Gray in front center, perform throughout the show. The dresses were made by students in Kathy Winans class. Winans is the long-time assistant director for the Albion high school musicals.

The Ancestors include Kailee Anstey, Julia Button, Chloe Gray, Haleigh Pollock, Charlie Allen, Madalyn Ashbery, Neveya Barnes, Samantha Hand, Khalil Thompkins, Danielle Wyant and Keira Zambito.

Nick Andrews plays the role of Uncle Fester, who brings lots of zaniness to the show, including singing a love song to the Moon.

Andrews, a senior, has been in the Albion shows since he was in sixth grade.

He said he has gained confidence and many friends through his years on the stage. He has gravitated toward the characters who provide comic relief.

The role of Uncle Fester caps his acting career at Albion.

“I wanted to get to be the funny person and jump around the stage,” Andrews said.

Fester isn’t just for laughs.

“He sends a deeper message, to love who you want, even if it’s the Moon,” Andrews said.

Pugsley, played by Ella Trupo, is the little brother of Wednesday, played by Alexis Hand.

In this scene Wednesday is torturing Pugsley on a rack.

Pugsley enjoys the punishment by his sister and is sad when she develops a love interest and doesn’t give as much attention to her little brother.

Hand said she enjoys playing the adventurous and very independent role of Wednesday.

“You don’t have to change yourself for other people,” Hand said about the character’s message.

Natalie Baron plays the role of Grandma, a feisty old woman with many concoctions. Pugsley takes one of the potions, hoping to change Wednesday from her love obsession. But the magic liquid ends up in the wrong hands.

The Beineke family follows a map and tries to find the Addams Family home where they are headed for dinner. James Ruiz plays the role of the father, Mal, while Aaron Woodroe is Lucas (Wednesday’s boyfriend) and Mallory Kozody is Alice, Lucas’s mother.

Zack Baron plays the role of Gomez, the head of the family. He loves his wife Morticia deeply but struggles to keep a secret from her, that his daughter wants to get married. Morticia detests secrets.

Morticia played by Mallory Ashbery shares a drink and conversation with Alice (Mallory Kozody). They are joined by Cousin Itt (Keira Zambito).

Morticia tells Alice a marriage should be honest without any secrets.

Ashbery said Morticia is a loving and caring wife and mother, with a strong presence.

“She doesn’t tolerate any secrets, because she believes secrets can break a family,” Ashbery said.