Absentees are proven to get out the vote, with very little fraud

Posted 23 June 2020 at 4:58 pm


Four years ago I wrote in defense of our neighbors and the election officials of both parties who candidate Trump claimed were letting people vote from the grave and imposters vote.

Studies before and after show anyone claiming to have proof of that was making it up – and those that thought the sky was falling no different than Chicken Little.

This year it’s the absentee ballots that are fixed – even though the very conservative Heritage Foundation looked over a 19-year period and the worst state it looked at, Oregon, had average 1 vote per year.

It’s true that in one NC district a GOP candidate hired people to go out and collect the mail in ballots in blank at peoples’ houses. The Election Board caught this transparent crime and the election was held again – of course without the “winner,” who was by then wearing bracelets, on that second ballot.

The vote-by-mail system has layer-on-layer of checks and balances. They work as that situation showed.

The Republican Party traditionally wanted vote by mail. This year the Senate would not help expand it due to COVID.  But if candidate Trump is right and local election officials nationwide are dirty, it clearly means that all military personnel, all corporate and US employees living abroad and all ill or elderly shut-ins should be denied absentee ballots!

Candidate Trump should be asked if that is what he really wants or does he simply not want absentee ballots used in black and suburban districts or Democratic places like the Village of Albion.

Of course, the candidate could simply deny saying and tweeting it or accuse the reporter of being a hack, making up fake news. But it’s a good question. Who should be allowed to vote by mail if it’s so bad!

(My answer is obvious.)

Conrad F. Cropsey