Abandoning Kurds strengthens ISIS, shows US unreliable to allies

Posted 17 October 2019 at 7:44 am


I recently wrote you lamenting the US bugging out of northern Syria on abandoning our allies, the Kurds, in their fight against ISIS. The Hub thereafter published a response which was so incorrect and personally insulting that it demands a response!

That offensive letter in effect claimed that because I am not a supporter of President Trump that I was willing (or wanted) American boys to die in a “Syrian Civil War.” Nothing can be further from the truth!

ISIS is an international group composed of twisted people whose goal is to take over the world. They have been fought back by local troops – some with US military in support roles – in various countries all over the Mideast.

At the same time ISIS was expanding, Syria was undergoing a civil war. ISIS became the strongest insurgency in that nation. Our allies, the Kurds, have lost 10,000 or more men beating ISIS back. But because the US did not directly get involved in the “Syrian Civil War,” Russia in large measure stood on the sidelines, too.

Six Americans have sadly lost their lives in Syria. Several Russians have lost theirs, too. But both countries and the Central Syrian government – in fact, everyone – wanted ISIS gone forever.  The world was disgusted by a beheading on TV.

What is correct is that the United States kept the Russians and hostile regimes at bay in the Mideast for over 70 years. Yes, there have been setbacks but:

1) ISIS was almost defeated and many countries in which it was operating are rebuilding.

2) Because the US ran away – with no plan and no notice – the Central Syrian regime is back in control, now along with its new Iranian and Russian friends.

3) Decades of work keeping the Russians and hostile regimes at bay went down the drain in days. Russia was not a major player in the Mideast. Now it is. Iran is stronger.

4) Our allies everywhere now know they cannot depend on us – even when they are doing out bidding and been promised our support.

The writer of that letter should know his facts before he tries to spin history, facts, and politics.


Conrad F. Cropsey