A vote for McMurray is a vote for civility over fear-mongers

Posted 1 November 2020 at 8:21 pm


Responding to Paul Lauricella’s post, so full of untruths about Nate McMurray and hateful stock lies that it’s hard to know where to start.

Let’s begin here: Aren’t we tired of the divisiveness? Patriots are abandoning the truth to Russians – consistently identified by Trump’s own appointed intelligence agencies – as actively spreading lies for the precise reason of dividing us and weakening democracy.

The red-flag warning words, “socialist radicals” always precede words of fear, not fact, to persuade people. It is the Trumpian way. But Americans are smart. Hoards of Conservatives across this country are lamenting the death of family values and fiscal responsibility, leaving the GOP, and actively fighting against it through groups of Conservatives like the Lincoln Project.

People are onto the desperate last breaths of fear-mongers trying to steal the future from average working folks. Groups like the large gathering of Republicans, Independents and Democrats: farmers, ministers and teachers, who came to Albion last week to support Nate McMurray for Congress are tired of the empty rhetoric. Years of control by Republicans who presume we will vote for them brought us together. We are through being taken for granted.

Politicians like Trump and Chris Jacobs have lied to us and distorted the Conservative movement by mishandling the economy. Their policies bring small temporary gains to hard working farmers, teachers and others: everyday folks trying to eke out a living, but burden us for generations to come by rewarding the rich and punishing the working class. They’ve added trillions of dollars to our national debt.

This all happened before Covid-19 but has been dramatically worsened by the Trump administration’s “hands-off” no-plan-policy and lies about the seriousness of Covid-19. Hospitals in the Midwest have no ICU beds open and Covid-19 is spreading like wild fire because we continue to be misled by our federal government. We have a long road ahead of us because of these failures.

After years of Republican control our Congressional District has the worst job market in the entire country, according to the Wall Street Journal. We are sick and tired of politicians scaring us into voting for them promising help, then doing nothing for us. Neither Chris Jacobs nor his predecessor Chris Collins even bother to talk with voters on the street or in town halls. Average people just don’t count as far as they’re concerned.

Nate McMurray knows we do count because he knows struggle. He grew up in a poor family with seven kids and a young widowed mother who worked three jobs and had her husband’s social security benefits to barely make ends meet. Nate wants us all to have the opportunities he realized through grit and hard work. He fights policies that do not benefit us, whether offered by Democrats or Republicans. He is a gun owning corporate attorney – a capitalist who supports the second amendment.

Let truth and civility, not hateful lies, guide you as you vote.

Nate McMurray is the right choice for Congress.

Cindy Fleischer