A unique team building event

Contributed Story Posted 4 April 2015 at 12:00 am

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Holley varsity and JV softball players and coaches who took part in Friday’s team building event at Rock Ventures in Rochester are shown here. In front are Tabby Swift, Coach Brianna Goodwin, Brianna VanAmeron and Briana Barber. In the second row are Coach Amy Ostrom, Brooklyn Bartholemew, Heather Winkley, Madison Papaj, Alice McAllister, Bailey Papaj and Helana McLean. In the back row are Coach Mark Thomas, Anna Brasted, Julianna Drewry, Hannah Biedlinghmaier, Jocelyn Chilton, Madison March, Megan Donohue and Emma Grathouse.

“This was a preseason activity to build trust, focus and overcome obstacles and fears,” said Varsity Coach Mark Thomas. “We climbed and had various team activities to reinforce trust and team work and communication. It set the tone for the season in support, communication, focus, resetting and getting the job done.” The Lady Hawks are slated to open the season this coming Wednesday against rival Kendall.