A special baseball visit for Holley third grader

Contributed Story Posted 6 June 2021 at 8:01 am

Contributed Photo – Holley third grader Caiden Murray meets with York Revolution pitcher Jake Welch

An avid baseball fan Holley third grader Caiden Murray recently got a very special surprise when he was visited at school by Jake Welch who pitches for the York Revolution in the Atlantic League.

Jake is the son of Robert Welch who works security at Holley Elementary School.

Robert notes that while working the lunch hour he saw Caiden wearing an Aaron Judge Yankees jersey and they started talking about baseball. “I told him about Jake and he said he wished he could meet him.”

At the time Jake was working out in Florida in preparation for the Revolution’s season so Robert gave Caiden an Atlantic League ball.

Then, while working directing traffic at the school, Robert spoke with Caiden’s mother as she dropped him off and she said he was so excited and wished he could meet Jake.

Robert notes that his wish came true when Jake came home for three days before leaving for the season. He got permission from the school for Jake, who was vaccinated, to come to the school and meet and talk baseball with Caiden.

Jake presented Caiden with a training glove which was donated by the glove’s manufacturer Valle Baseball in Rochester for whom Jake works in the off season.

“Caiden’s interest in and love of baseball is what made both of our decisions to do this,” said Robert. “Baseball is limited in Holley with no youth programs. I just saw a chance to spark a young man’s interest in baseball with hopes he would continue his love for the game.”

Interestingly, Jake works out in the off season with Holley graduate Dylan Hillabush, a lefty pitcher who just graduated from SUNY Brockport.