A Lyndonville homecoming tradition returns

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 4 October 2014 at 12:00 am

Classes decorate floats and parade down Main Street

Photos by Tom Rivers

LYNDONVILLE – After a hiatus for several years, class-decorated floats returned for homecoming this week at Lyndonville.

Students in recent years decorated halls with class themes during homecoming. This year, students and the school decided to decorate floats and have a parade down Main Street this morning. The floats and student participation will factor in the winner of the Spirit Stick, which will be presented during the Homecoming Dance this evening.

“It took a lot of work but it was worth it,” sophomore Aubrey Lewis said about her class float. The sophomores picked a “Monsters Inc.” theme.

Seniors decorated their float with a theme from “The Jungle Book.”

The Junior Class had a “Toy Story” theme with Tom Follman dressed as Buzz Lightyear, Riley Starr as the Barbie in the box and Samantha Raduns as the other Barbie (in green dress).

The sophomore class had a “Monsters, Inc.” float.

Freshmen decorated with a “Little Mermaid” theme.

The junior high – the seventh- and eighth-graders – went with a “Finding Nemo” theme for their float.