Wynter Dumont feels the love from the community on her 15th birthday

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 15 June 2013 at 12:00 am

Albion girl celebrates Quinceanera at Holy Family Parish

Photos by Tom Rivers – Wynter Dumont is pictured with her damas, her close friends or “pretty maids,” who joined in her Quinceanera today at Holy Family Parish.

Malvy Rivera places a necklace on her daughter Wynter Dumont during Mass this evening.

Wynter Dumont prepares to make a profession of faith during Mass at Holy Family.

ALBION – It felt like a wedding during Mass at Holy Family Parish in Albion this evening. Boys and men wore tuxedos. Young ladies wore formal dresses, and Wynter Dumont looked like a princess with a tiara. She was led down the aisle of the church by her escort, Ryan Pytlewski.

Wynter’s close friends and family joined with the Holy Family Parish in celebrating her Quinceanera, a popular tradition in the Hispanic culture when a girl turns 15. It signifies a girl’s transition to young womanhood.

Wynter Dumont hugs her cousin Israel Florentino of Albion before Mass at Holy Family.

The parties are popular in the Hispanic culture and often begin with a church service and conclude with a festive reception. Wynter’s party will move to the Elk’s Club this evening.

Wynter stood up during Mass before about 300 people, professing her faith and thanking her mother Malvy Rivera and the church community.

Wynter Dumont’s damas sat up front during Mass this evening.

The Rev. Richard Csizmar, the parish priest, said about one Quinceanera is celebrated at Holy Family each year. Wynter’s sister Samantha had hers two years ago. The events have a big impact on the parish. They see a young person profess her beliefs.

“It’s a great testimony of faith,” Csizmar said after Mass. “It’s a wonderful custom. The people just love it.”

Wynter smiles with the Rev. Richard Csizmar after Mass this evening at Holy Family Parish.