A Clay Target feature: Molly’s Mission

Contributed Story Posted 19 June 2024 at 9:28 am

Contributed Photo – Molly Frasier

Molly Frasier, a seventh-grade student from Lyndonville has been making great strides in competitive athletics despite facing challenges due to a medical condition. While traditional school sports were not accessible to her, Molly found her niche in Clay Target Shooting.

As a member of the Orleans County ClayCrushers, she’s been actively participating in various competitions. In a recent SCTP State Skeet Competition, Molly achieved a personal best score of 58 x100 targets.

Her dedication and progress in the sport are evident, and she expresses feeling accepted and valued in this community, stating “everyone is treated as an equal and I can just be me.” Most recently, Molly competed in the SCTP New York State Sporting Clays competition at North Forest Gun Cub in Lockport.

Unlike other clay target events such as trap and skeet, sporting clays offers a dynamic challenge with varied targets and flight paths. Targets can vary in size and shape, presenting a diverse range of flight characteristics, from mini to midi’s and fully domed to flat. The targets can fly towards, away, crossing, high or low, between the trees, on the ground, or in open skies.

While the day and scores did not end as well as she had hoped, Molly was able to take third place in her division and qualified to compete at the SCTP Nationals in Sporting Clays to go along with Skeet.

Molly stated she was “happy [her] brother and the others did well today.” She added,” I need to keep getting better and it’s going to take more practice at home and at the range. I love skeet the most, then trap, and then sporting clays.” Sporting clays tends to be much more challenging because there is no set pattern. Each day and each course targets are presented differently.

Molly stated, “I am definitely looking forward to competing next week at Central Square. I do want to thank those that came out to watch and cheer me on. It was really exciting.” Molly ended with “some days will be rough, but you have to keep trying to get better.”

On Saturday she will attempt to qualify for the trap portion at Nationals while competing at the SCTP NYS Trap Championships in Central Square, NY. With her determination and passion for the sport, Molly continues to excel in her athletic journey, proving that obstacles can be overcome with perseverance and dedication.

Other Orleans County student athletes that competed at North Forest Gun Club included Jonathan Frasier, Nate and Lane Woodworth, Stryker, Donovan, and Colson Braley, Connor Jurs, Braydon Snook, and Garrison Foote.