A change in legal representation in Yates against wind project raises questions

Posted 30 April 2018 at 10:41 pm


This letter is in response to several letters written regarding the change in Town of Yates legal representation.

The Town of Somerset has spent 10 times the legal fees compared to the Town of Yates fighting the wind project. Both towns are in the same place legally in this battle against an unwanted wind project. Both towns are waiting on an application to the State Sighting Board. Which Town would you say spent their limited resources in the most economical way?

I would also ask Mr. Hoffman how successful Somerset was in their legal action against the Met Towers? As a resident of Somerset, I can understand why you would be critical of those who opposing the Town of Yates joining your legal team. Why not find a partner who is willing to reduce your costs while adding to theirs. A 50/50 split of legal cost seems to be a balanced solution to a  project which is less than 30 percent located in Yates.

Edward Urbanik