A busy week on the ‘Y’ volleyball courts

Contributed Story Posted 24 October 2014 at 12:00 am

Orleans County YMCA Happenings

We are back with another action packed week of fall indoor volleyball at the Orleans Countyl YMCA. This week had plenty of eventful moments; ranging from devastating spikes for victories, to unbeaten streaks coming to an end.

We will get right into the action, starting off with our C division as always. Our first match was an intense one as two time defending champions Main Liquor took on middle of the pack Serves You Right. Main Liquor got off to a quick lead. Their effort was lead by Kevin Fraiser slamming the ball like a pro. Hailey Jakubowski of Serves You Right helped her team fight back as she set Mat Hungerford for some great throw downs. However, there just wasn’t enough fire power as Main Liquor took the set 3-0 with a score of 75-44.

Our next match up was V8 Launchers vs. Bumper Cars. Bumper Cars looking for were looking for their first win but V8 Launchers didn’t want to let that happen. V8 Launchers looked better this week, but maybe it was because they didn’t have Roz Tonndera. Regardless, they were on fire this week, taking the set 3-0 with a score of 75-40.

In our final match of C division, Sets on the Beach took on Kiss My Ace. In the first game both teams went back and forth until Sara Page came up huge with a pinpoint spike to win the game 25-23. After a crazy game, one Sets on the beach destroyed Kiss My Ace with a 25-3 thrashing. It didn’t get much better from there as Set on the Beach took the third game 25-11, winning themselves the set 2-1 with a score of 73-39.

Moving over to our B division, we had an action packed set of games. In the first match up we had 3rd place Mundion Watts taking on 4th place We Showed Up. Both teams were evenly matched. However, neither of the teams were able to get a large lead. We Showed Up played the stronger game, as they were able to take it 25-20 in the first game. This effort was led by Adam Hellwig as he dominated at the net with his height. Mundion Watts didn’t have an answer for him in the first two games, but the third one was a different story. Starting the game off was Matt Mundion himself, serving line drives to each member of We Showed Up, propelling his team to an early lead. Husband and wife Marcus and Jenn Watts, capitalized his effort and finished off the game with a flurry of spikes. Despite a great game three performance, We Showed Up took the match 2-1 with a score of 64-68.

In our next match up, Bridget’s Bashers looked to continue their win streak as they took on Smart Bumps. Smart Bumps were looking to stop their own losing streak. As they battled for a couple wins. Bridget’s Bashers wouldn’t be denied as they played great defense to win game one 25-15. Smart Bumps couldn’t figure out a way to combat Bridget’s conservative style. Priding themselves on making the least mistakes they can. Jamie Glass and Cory Lewis brought the fire power for Bridget’s to lead them to a 3-0 victory with a score of 75-46.

In our last game of B division, 2nd place Victorious Secret took on 1st place and undefeated How I Set Your Mother 2. In an incredible set of games, both teams battled to take each and every point. The Welker brothers stood strong in game one as Victorious Secret won 25-18. In game two, it was all Secret as Nicci Moore connected with Danny Anderson for multiple spikes. In game three, however, How I Set Your Mother 2 changed a few things around and got rolling to a quick lead. Jenna Carpenter was a huge asset to her team, as she set everyone she could for a spike. With a great team effort, How I Set Your Mother 2 was able to take game three 25-18.However, Victorious Secret still took the set 2-1 with a score of 68-58, along with reclaiming first place. This won’t be the last time these teams face off, as they will continue to battle for first place all season long.

Finally, we move on to our A division where T-Shirts Etc had the double header. Their first match up saw them taking on Zacher Construction in a very strange set. In the first game it was all Zacher Construction. Even missing captain Scott Grimm, they still seemed to be rolling because of the all round play of Ben Wadhams and Jody Zacher. Then game two came around. And the whole team of T-Shirts Etc. were on point as they handed Zacher Construction their first loss of the season. Game three would not end well for T-Shirts though, as jump serve after jump serve destroyed T-Shirts in game three, 25-9. Zacher went on to take the set 2-1 with a score of 71-41.

In their second game of night T-Shirts took on Shockers 2. Already being tired from their first game Shockers 2 took full advantage of T-Shirts. Nate Ralph made it look easy with the thunderous spikes he was throwing down on the opposing defense. He couldn’t be stopped; he was like Thor slamming down his hammer with every swing. T-Shirts improved after every game, but they couldn’t snag a win from Shockers 2 as they fell 3-0 with a score of 75-46.

Youth Soccer
We are back with soccer this week as two fantastic games got underway. First were our 4-6 year olds, battling out for supremacy. Boe Preston dominated everyone with swift dribbling and crafty moves to set him apart, and scored a hat trick of goals for his team. On the other side TJ Champney made quick work of everyone, darting from end to end for two goals for himself. After that TJ went on to play stellar defense to keep his team in the lead.

Moving over to our 7-9 group, The Panthers took on Sharks. DJ Hale of the Panthers started the game out strong with a stunning shot to the net. This was followed up by Joshua Slingerland playing lock down defense to keep his team ahead. Claira Keppler of the Sharks came up big as she got the Sharks only goal. Sadly, that wasn’t enough get them the win as the Panthers took the game 3-1. However, they have a rematch next week. Stay tuned to see who comes out on top.