7th graders study shapes while donating food

Posted 23 May 2016 at 12:00 am

Provided photo – Albion seventh-graderslast week donated food to Community Action of Genesee & Orleans. Pictured, from left, includes seventh-grade math teacher Mrs. Wesolowski, Community Action Case Manager Michelle Figueroa, Max Hapeman, Aisha Drisdom, Claire Squicciarini, Bryne Dysard and Gavin Reid.

Press Release, Community Action

ALBION – Mrs. Wesolowski and her 7th grade math classes found a creative way to incorporate math skills into helping others, and donating to Community Action’s food pantry.

They began the project by brainstorming ideas of products that would both fill the need of our community and fit the 3-D shapes that they will be studying. There were 90 seventh-graders who collected canned goods or as they would call them “cylinder items and rectangular prisms.”

They brought them to math class and found the volume and surface area in each object. They were able to collect 125 cylinder items and 42 rectangular prisms! They concluded with a reflective entry in their Math Journals about the item(s) the student donated, why they chose that item, and how that item could directly help someone in need.

This is the first year that Mrs. Wesolowski’s class has taken on such a project, but she plans to continue this in the future. Gavin Reid said that the best part about this project was “knowing that people will be able to eat dinner.”