7 new Covid-19 cases in Orleans, with all in Albion

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 20 April 2020 at 4:23 pm

There are seven new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Orleans County, with seven in Albion, the Orleans and Genesee County Public Health Departments is reporting this afternoon.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases in Orleans County to 56. The county reported its first case on March 19.

Of the seven new cases, one person is in the 50s, one in the 60s, two in the 70s, two in the 80s, and in the 90 and above category.

The Health Department is reporting one more person has recovered from the virus, bringing the total recoveries to 16. Five people from the county are currently hospitalized with Covid-19.

Genesee County has five new confirmed cases of Covid-19, bringing the county’s total to 127 positive cases.

Of the new cases, two people live in Batavia, two in Elba and one in LeRoy. One person with Covid-19 is in the 20s, one is in the 30s, one in the 40s, one in the 50s, and one is in the 60s.

Genesee County also has three more recoveries from Covid-19, bringing that total to 53. Three of the current active cases involve people who are hospitalized.

Additional information from the Health Departments:

Federal Detention Facility Cases

• Regarding the sharp increase in the Genesee County positive individuals, they are not considered community-spread as they are all detainees at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility located in Batavia.  Although the detainees are not considered residents, because the facility is housed in Genesee County, they are reported as Genesee County positive cases. Any workers with direct contact with those who have tested positive at the facility for COVID-19 will be followed by their county of residence.

Contact Tracing

• Contact tracing has been initiated for all new cases. Known contacts have already been placed under mandatory quarantine and will be swabbed if symptoms become present.

• If a person is identified as a contact, they will be notified by the County Health Department, quarantined and if warranted, swabbed if symptoms appear.  Limited information is provided to the public in compliance with HIPAA regulations and out of the respect of those impacted by this virus.

• When, and if, there is a situation where potential contact is made in a public location where contact tracing doesn’t have actual names of close contacts, we will send out a media announcement to help seek contacts.


• Due to the current limited swabbing kits, there continue to be guidelines in place for primary care providers to order Covid-19 swabbing.  This is based upon screening for high risk categories.  Contact your primary care provider first to discuss symptoms and the ability to be swabbed.

• For information about the community testing, click here, or call the NYS Covid-19 Hotline at 1-888-364-3065 for more information. All individuals will be screened and must have an appointment.  The local health departments do not have a supply of swabs for the community, call your primary care provider or the community hotline.

If you are experiencing any Covid-19 related symptoms, stay home!  Do not go to work, do not go to the store, do not go anywhere, You are spreading the virus. Stay home!

Click here to view the Genesee and Orleans County online map of confirmed cases.

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