64 more Covid cases in Genesee, 5 in Orleans

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 24 November 2020 at 4:39 pm

Genesee County also reports a death due to Covid-19

The Covid cases continue a rapid rise in Genesee County with 64 more confirmed cases today, following 77 on Monday, which was the first update since Friday.

Genesee County also is reporting a resident under age 65 has passed away due to Covid. That is the county’s sixth death from Covid since March.

“To protect the individual’s privacy we will not be reporting any further information,” a news briefing from the Genesee and Orleans County Health Department stated this afternoon. “Our deepest condolences to this person’s family and friends on their loss during this very difficult time.”

Orleans County is reporting five new cases today. The county has now had 576 people test positive for Covid since March.

The five new positive cases are residents of Barre, Carlton, Clarendon, Kendall and Murray. The individuals are in the age groups of 0-19, 20s, 40s and 60s.

One of the new cases was on mandatory quarantine prior to testing positive, the Health Department said.

Orleans also is reporting six more recoveries and those individuals have been removed from the isolation list.

The county has two residents hospitalized due to Covid.

• Albion student tests positive: Albion Central School notified residents this afternoon a middle school has tested positive for Covid-19. That student is a hybrid learner, attending in-person classes twice a week.

The student was last in school on Tuesday, Nov. 17, and started presenting symptoms on Nov. 18. Contact tracing has been completed and the district has assisted the Department of Health by notifying any staff members or parents of any students who were identified as being close contacts. Official notifications will ultimately be made by the Department of Health, the district said.

•3 Medina students, school employee test positive for Covid: Medina Central School in a letter to the community on Monday reported that two high school students, one middle schooler and one district office employee had tested positive for Covid. The three students have not been on campus “for quite some time,” according to the letter from Mark Kruzynski, district superintendent.

“In this situation, the Department of Health has determined that there will not be a need for any further school-related quarantines due to these cases,” Kruzynski said. “However, any determination of the need for quarantine will come directly from the Health Department.”

In Genesee County, the 64 new cases today bring the county’s total to 793 since March.

The new positive cases are residents of Alabama, Alexander, Batavia, Bergen, Bethany, Byron, Darien, Elba, LeRoy, Oakfield, Pavilion, Pembroke and Stafford.

The individuals are in the age groups of 0-19, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Five of the individuals were on mandatory quarantine prior to testing positive.

Genesee also is reporting 30 of the previous positive individuals have recovered and have been removed from the isolation list.

Genesee has 13 residents hospitalized due to Covid.

More from the Genesee and Orleans County Health Department:

• Business Reminder: It is important to periodically review your Business Safety Plan that was developed earlier on in the pandemic. As part of the plan, businesses were encouraged to develop contact sheets for all patrons to assist with contact tracing in the event of a potential Covid-19 exposure. This will help in investigations and will limit the necessity of press releases which will help limit potential spread.

• Covid-19 Reminders: If people are identified as a contact, they will be notified by the County Health Department, quarantined and if warranted, swabbed if indicated. Limited information is provided to the public in compliance with HIPAA regulations and out of the respect of those impacted by this virus.

  • When, and if, there is a situation where potential contact is made in a public location where contact tracing doesn’t have actual names of close contacts, we will send out a media announcement to help seek contacts.
  • If you are experiencing any Covid-related symptoms STAY HOME! Do not go to work, do not go to the store, do not go anywhere to avoid spreading the virus.
  • We encourage everyone to remember to be polite and respect individual privacy. If you have a complaint about someone or a business use the appropriate channels provided by the state. Using social media to air your complaints and accusing individuals/businesses of wrongdoing generally does nothing to fix the problem. Be compassionate of other people and spread kindness.

• Faith-based organizations: Consider continuing or reinstating remote worship due to increased numbers of positive Covid-19 cases to protect your more vulnerable population.

For those who are at risk of complications for Covid-19 or the flu, consider to connect with your house of worship remotely to lessen the risk of contracting Covid-19 or the flu.

If you are sick or experiencing new symptoms, stay home and worship remotely. Don’t share your germs with others.