500-plus attended Ronan Tynan concert Saturday in Medina

Photo courtesy of Michael Sargent: Ronan Tynan sings during Saturday’s concert at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. He is accompanied by William Lewis.

By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 7 October 2019 at 1:00 pm

MEDINA – Based on Ronan Tynan’s newfound love for Medina, Orleans Renaissance Group president Chris Busch wouldn’t be surprised to see the Irish tenor return in another two or three years.

Tynan was very verbal in his appreciation of the amenities in Medina during his performance Saturday at St. Mary’s Church. He poked fun at Medina sandstone, which he learned Medina was famous for, and praised his accommodations.

Tynan, a medical doctor, internationally acclaimed Irish tenor and motivational speaker, first appeared at St. Mary’s Church during a concert Sept. 17, 2016, with his accompanist William Lewis. It was Tynan who reached out to the Orleans Renaissance Group requesting a return visit, which was attended by about 520 people.

“Dr. Tynan and Mr. Lewis have expressed both publicly and privately their love for Medina and their desire to return,” Busch said. “From St. Mary’s to the Hart House, Zambistro’s and the Shirt Factory, they had a wonderful experience and said as much many times. I can tell you those comments are genuine. They are two of the most kind, thoughtful and generous people with whom any of us at ORG have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Photo courtesy of Chris Busch: A nearly packed audience filled St. Mary’s Church on Saturday for the performance of Irish tenor Ronan Tynan, who can be seen at the front of the audience.

Tim and Catherine Cooper, who were instrumental in bringing Tynan to Medina both times, couldn’t stop smiling during Tynan’s performance.

“It still amazes me he is in Medina,” Tim said.

Catherine said it was particularly moving for her to realize many in the audience had parents and grandparents who were connected to the church, through significant events in their lives. She and Tim have previously been to performances of Tynan at Kleinhans Music Hall and the University of Buffalo.

“His voice is so magnificent,” Catherine said.

Busch called the concert “simply breathtaking.”

“People who attended were awestruck by his voice,” Busch said. “He truly connects with the audience. They laugh, they cry and they gave a rousing standing ovation. This was a world-class event all the way.

Proceeds from the evening will be used by ORG to fund other arts, culture and preservation projects, Busch said.

Photo courtesy of Michael Sargent: Ronan Tynan gave a powerful performance on Saturday at St. Mary’s.

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