5 schools represented on HUB girls squad

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 15 March 2018 at 10:05 am

Photos by Cheryl Wertman – Medina’s Je’ne Brown and Albion’s Caitlynn Snook

Five schools are represented on the first team of the annual Orleans HUB girls basketball squad.

The first team quintet includes Albion senior Caitlynn Snook, Medina junior Je’ne Brown, Roy-Hart senior Ellie Todd, Kendall senior Taylor ReQua and Lyndonville eighth grader Ella Lewis.

Roy-Hart’s Ellie Todd

Snook led Albion in both scoring with 211 points (11.1 average) and rebounds with 146.

Brown likewise led Medina in scoring with 278 points (13.4 ave.) and rebounds with 218.

Todd paced Roy-Hart with 193 points (9.1 ave.), 137 rebounds, 72 steals and 65 assists.

ReQua set the pace for Kendall with 207 points (9.4 ave.), 184 rebounds, 95 steals and 51 assists.

Ella Lewis also led Lyndonville in scoring with 226 points (11.3 ave.) and added 89 steals, 46 rebounds and 28 assists.

The HUB’s second team includes Albion seniors Janae Doty and Natalie DiCureia, the Medina duo of junior Maddie Williams and sophomore Camri  King along with Lyndonville junior Anna Lewis.

Doty had 123 points, 67 rebounds, 42 steals and 20 assists while DiCureia had 95 rebounds, 86 points, 52 steals and 32 assists.

King scored 248 points (11.2 ave.) and grabbed off 190 rebounds while Williams had 190 points (8.6 ave.), 174 rebounds, 67 steals and 47 assists.

Anna Lewis had 116 points, 84 rebounds, 78 steals and 61 assists.

Kendall’s Taylor ReQua and Lyndonville’s Ella Lewis