5 need treatment at Lyndonville parade due to heat, including woman in cardiac arrest

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 4 July 2018 at 3:35 pm

Barker firefighter provides CPR to save woman

Photo by Tom Rivers: These kids spray water from the top of a Middleport fire truck to provide some relief to the crowd in the sweltering heat. The temperature rose from 90 at noon to 93 by the end of the parade more than an hour later.

LYNDONVILLE – The Lyndonville parade had to be stopped at least twice today to make room for ambulances and rescue vehicles to treat people effected by the heat.

One woman went into cardiac arrest near the end of the parade when the temperature was 93 degrees. A Barker firefighter was in the parade and saw the woman on Main Street near Johnson Creek.

The firefighter provided CPR and likely saved the woman’s life. She was taken by ambulance.

Lyndonville Fire Chief Ben Bane didn’t know the Barker firefighter’s name. Bane praised the quick action from the firefighter.

Four others were also treated after either fainting or being severely dehydrated. One of those people was taken by ambulance.

Firefighters offered water and tried to help people cool down, Bane said.

He said there have been hot parades before, but he doesn’t recall people needing emergency assistance during the event.

“This is the first time I remember stopping the parade for so many calls,” he said.

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