39 Problems will expand in downtown Albion

Chait Studios: This rendering shows how the first floor storefronts will look as part of a renovation in downtown Albion at 41 North Main St., and the next-door storefront, which are both owned by Adam Johnson.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 21 September 2017 at 10:37 pm

ALBION – Adam Johnson is determined to make a historic building in downtown Albion a thriving part of Main Street.

Johnson in early June opened 39 Problems at 43 North Main St. The spot was where he ran the Frosty Bucket last year.

39 Problems serves pizza with an expanded menu at lunch and dinner. Johnson said the business is off to a good start. He wants to expand it next door with a full bar and seats and tables to dine in.

The Village of Albion Historic Preservation Committee reviewed his plans for the storefronts today and approved a certificate of appropriateness.

Photo by Tom Rivers: 39 Problems (in yellow) is located at 43 North Main St. The business will expand so there are options to dine in with a full bar.

Johnson expects to have a building permit next week so he can start the renovation work. He would like to have it complete by Christmas.

The windows will be aluminum framed with insulated glass. Johnson is keeping the cast iron columns and will remove paint on the Medina sandstone at the storefronts.

“We’re keeping the historic nature of the building while modernizing it,” he told the Historic Preservation Commission.

He is focusing on the first floor, and wants to work on the upper floors once the restaurant is better established and the first floor is done. The upper floors could be developed for apartments.

He was joined by architect Stu Chait at the village meeting today.

“We want to give it a very upscale look,” Chait told the village officials.

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