3 students from Rochester part of Kendall enrollment this year

By Kristina Gabalski, Correspondent Posted 17 September 2015 at 12:00 am

KENDALL – Three students from the City of Rochester are part of the Kendall student body in 2015-16, the first year Kendall is participating in Urban-Suburban Program.

District Superintendent Julie Christensen reported to the Board of Education on Wednesday that the three Rochester students are in first, third and seventh grades.

“They are beautiful little girls,” Christensen said.

She noted they are on the bus for a little while, being the last stop on a route that also stops in Hilton and Brockport before reaching Kendall.

The Kendall Board of Education embraced the program to help boost student enrollment. The district also expects to receive abut $12,000 in aid for each student in the program.

Christensen reported that currently there are 719 students attending school in the district. That’s down from 727 last year at this time.

Kendall also is offering enrollment to non-resident staff children, with a charge for tuition.

District Student Services Coordinator Nick Picardo has a daughter in first grade at Kendall. The family lives in the Hilton school district.

Picardo told the Board of Education he is very happy to have her attending Kendall, where she has received a warm welcome. He noted that when asked which school she would rather attend she responded, “I would rather be in Kendall.”

“Thanks for that option,” he told the Board.