3 Murray councilmen back Bower for town supervisor

Posted 14 June 2021 at 7:24 am


We are writing this letter to express our support for Randy Bower as Town of Murray Supervisor in the primary election.

A good leader to us is someone who has vision, integrity, courage, passion and humility. Randy has a proven track record in all these qualities.

He has the vision to lead this Town in a direction that benefits all our residents’ and to provide the services that keep our Town running smoothly and efficiently.

He has integrity, a proven set of core values that engages others to work with him as a team.  He has demonstrated his courage to take on the hard things that face him, and not shy away from obstacles that may block his path or direction.

Randy has passion for his work and seeks quality in all his achievements.

And last, he has the humility to appreciate what others do and recognize their accomplishments and achievements above and beyond his own.

We have all seen Randy’s ability to successfully lead a complex, Countywide organization when others doubted if he could “do the job”! Probably his most redeeming quality is his ability to get others to work together as a team that will best serve all individuals, not a select few. Probably the best way to say it is there is no “I” in Bower, only “WE”!

We highly encourage our fellow Republicans to vote for Randy Bower for Town Supervisor at the primary election on June 22, at the Town Building.

Thank you for your support.

Lloyd Christ, Councilman

Paul Hendel, Councilman

Mike Mele, Councilman