3 corrections officers have minor injuries from ‘unprovoked attack’ by inmate

Posted 3 March 2017 at 12:34 pm

Press Release, New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association

ALBION – Three officers were injured Tuesday morning at Orleans Correctional Facility when an inmate attacked an officer after the inmate refused to follow orders while in the program building, according to NYSCOPBA, the union for corrections officers.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:22 a.m. at the medium security prison. Inmate Raheem Sumler was at the program building to attend a program when the officer assigned to the building noticed Sumler had not removed the braids from his hair, which is an infraction of correctional facility rules.

The officer ordered the inmate to remove the braids but he refused and became argumentative.  Sumler was ordered to quiet down but continued to be loud and disruptive.  The inmate was ordered to leave the area and was escorted by two officers to the doorway. Sumler turned towards one officer and punched him in the left side of the head. Both officers placed the inmate in a body hold and forced him to the ground, NYSCOPBA said in a press release.

While on the ground, Sumler continued to struggle with the officers. Unable to get control of the inmate, additional staff arrived and assisted in getting restraints on. The inmate was brought to his feet and escorted to the medical facility to be examined.

Once he was brought under control he was treated for minor injuries.

Sumler, 25, is serving a five-year sentence after being convicted in 2013 for weapons possession in Erie County. He now faces disciplinary charges.

One officer sustained a bump and abrasion to the left side of his head and scrape to his elbow and hand. He was transported to United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia for treatment. He was being evaluated for a possible concussion.

A second officer sustained bruising and swelling to his left elbow, hand, left knee and wrist. He was sent to the hospital for treatment as well.

A third officer sustained a minor injury to his calf when the inmate kicked him while in the medical facility. The officer was seen by the facility medical personnel and remained on duty.

“Once again we are dealing with an unprovoked attack that left three officers with injuries, two which needed treatment at an outside hospital,” said Joe Miano, Western Region Vice President for NYSCOPBA. “This was a simply a case of an officer giving a routine order to an inmate that was supposed to be attending a program. For no reason, he chose not to follow those orders and then attacked the officer. He was so combative that it took several officers to finally get him under control.”

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