3 candidates would work for a better Barre where everyone benefits

Posted 2 November 2019 at 12:24 pm


Vote for people who will sort through what the industrial wind turbine developers want us to believe and get us the truth! When Heritage Wind LLC talks about ridiculous sums of money and jobs that will come to the town, know that it is not reality.

Vote for people who will diligently and aggressively negotiate for  what is best for our town in all matters. If the turbines do come the best interests of all the community members will be served.

Vote for people who will keep everyone in the community informed. How many of you actually knew that they are currently proposing 680 feet (Vesta 5.6 MW)?

Vote for people who know about other ways to help with taxes that will not lower our property values, be a health threat, or harm wildlife.

Vote for people who know that there are health problems associated with them. Do you need something more to disrupt your sleep (to name just one!)?

Vote for people who are willing to recommend what is best for our community’s health and how far the proposed turbines should be away from homes and property lines.

Vote for people who are concerned with all aspects of our community and looking to a positive, strong future for the Town of Barre.

Vote for people who are well informed about the Article 10 process. Vote for people who have the best interests of everyone in the community.

You do have an opportunity to be represented in Barre. Please vote Jerry Solazzo – Supervisor, Cindy (Delemarter) Burnside – Council person, and Kerri (McKenna) Richardson – Council person.

If built as proposed, did you know Barre would have more structures over 650 feet than NYCity per square mile!

Iva McKenna