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Posted 10 June 2021 at 7:00 am

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Posted 21 September 2020 at 7:00 am

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Medina scores three wins in youth football

Contributed Story Posted 19 September 2021 at 8:43 am

Medina  won three out of four games in Niagara Orleans Football Association (NOFA) action on Saturday.

Beginners Division

Medina Ponys 25, Akron 8

After a tight, scoreless first quarter, the Ponys broke it open in the second quarter as Damareon Shine ran 65 yards for the TD and Zach Allen runs in the extra point for a 7-0 lead.  The Ponys then ran  the reverse from Shine to Remi Avery who went 60 yards for a TD to make it 13-0 at half time.

In the third quarter Allen took off on a 35 yard run to push the score to 19-0. Then, after a Tiger TD cuts the lead to 19-8, Avery again ran the reverse in the fourth quarter, this time 63 yards for the TD and the 25-8 final score keeping Ponys undefeated at 5-0.

Mini Division

Akron 25, Medina Colts 19

Marcel Lamar opened the Colts scoring with a 63 yard TD run and the game is tied 6-6 at half time.

Akron scored early in the third but Ja’keir Taylor gets a 13 yard TD run and the game was tied at 13.  Akron scored again to go ahead and then Lamar ran 13 yards for the TD with Taylor running in the extra point to tie the game at 19.  Akron struck right back though to make it 25-19 . The Colts manage to get the ball back but can’t get in scoring range and that is the final score.

JV Division

Medina Broncos 16, Akron 8

Caliyah St. Louis opened the scoring for the Broncos early with a 65 yard TD run and Zach Graham hit Jude Lacey for the 2 point conversion and an 8-0 lead.  In the second quarter St. Louis again got loose and scampered around left end 5 yards for a TD and again Graham finds Lacey and it is 16-0.

The second half was all about defense.  Akron did get one score back and a 2 point pass of their own but in the end the Broncos defense clamped down to move to 4-1 through 5 games.

Varsity Division

Medina Stallions 48, Holley 15

Colton Fletcher took the opening kickoff 60 yards for a TD and Tre Shine caught the 2 point conversion for a 8-0 Stallions lead.  Shine caught a TD pass to make it 14-0 and then Stetson Hall scores a TD with a 2 point conversion catch from Christian Moss making it 22-0.

Lex Gray scored a TD, Fletcher took an interception for 40 yards and a pick six and then Moss rambled in for a TD to get the visitors to 40. The Stallions added one more late score  as Hadrian Batista threw a TD pass to Preston Woodworth and then tossed the 2 point conversion to Malik Lamar for the 48-15 final score as the Stallions move to 4-1.

Albion JV youth gridders edge Attica

Contributed Story Posted 19 September 2021 at 8:39 am

Contributed Photo – Boe Preston and Rocco Sidari celebrating a big stop for the Albion JV team’s defense. 

Albion edged past Attica 6-0 Saturday in a Niagara Orleans Football Association (NOFA) JV Division game.

LJ Simmons 3 yard TD late in the 4th quarter was the game winner for Albion. On the ground Jonah Elsenheimer had 22 yards,  Simmons 17, Boe Preston 17, Rocco Sidari 14 and Chris Almonte 13.  Jack Conn had 31 yards receiving.

The Eagles defense had a huge day today with the shutout.  Wyatt Cook led the team with 7 tackles,  Stryker Sanders 6, Sidari 5. Thailer Seibert and Almonte 4 each.

Beginners Division

Attica 34 Albion 14

Jayce Torres scored the 2 Albion TD’s on runs of 38 and 60 yards.  Camden Holt added 63 yards on the ground

Holt led the defense with 13 tackles,  Torres 10 and Kolton Berry had 5.

Mini Division

Attica 12 Albion 6 2OT

Matthew Schomske scored the lone TD for the Eagles on a 22 yard run.  Heyden Almonte picked up 43 on the ground.

Anthony O’Neal had a big day on defense with 16 tackles,  Landyn Galligan had 14, Brycen Potter 7 and Conner Hinkley had 4.

Historic Childs: Five Corners, Part 1

Posted 19 September 2021 at 8:14 am

1913 New Century Atlas

By Doug Farley, Cobblestone Museum Director – Vol. 2 No. 37

Special thanks to local historian, Delia Robinson for her research and writing about the history of Five Corners, with input from Watt Farm Country Market, still operating at Five Corners.

Just south of the Hamlet of Childs, The Hamlet of Five Corners derives its name from the intersection of three roads: Route 98, Route 279 and Bacon Road.

Route 98 is the original Second Meridian Survey Line of the Holland Land Company. Route 279 essentially follows the original route of the Oak Orchard Road leading from Batavia to Lake Ontario. Bacon Road, running east and west, was named for the family who most influenced the history of that intersection.

Three brothers, all in their early 20’s came from Burlington, Connecticut to the new frontier of the Holland Land Purchase in the early 1800s. They were the sons of Moses and Rosanna (Rust) Bacon.  Moses, the first to come, selected 200 acres and worked for the Holland Land Company to help open the Oak Orchard Road. His earnings were applied towards paying for his land. That road today follows Route 98 from Batavia north and continues on Route 279 to Lake Ontario.

In December 1813, the War of 1812 touched the settlers in the area. Moses Bacon was called out with the militia to defend the frontier at Molyneaux Corners Tavern in the Town of Cambria. A historical recounting of the battle follows:

“Many of those who fled the Lewiston area reached the Town of Gaines, roughly thirty miles west of the (Forsyth) tavern, on the same day. Residents of the Town of Gaines recount that the villagers from Lewiston passed through their homes with warnings of an invading army killing and burning everything along the Ridge Road. The residents at Gaines decided not to flee but to muster a militia. It is said that all of the males over 18 living along the Ridge Road were gathered and under the direction of Captain McCarthy they proceeded single file west on the road by early daylight on Friday, December 20, 1813.

“They paused at the home and tavern of the widow Forsyth just before nightfall where the soldiers argued about whether to make camp or continue to the arms stockpile further up the Ridge Road. They came upon the tavern of William Molyneaux (originally that of David Klink) where some British soldiers and their Native allies had burned the barn and taken residence in the log tavern. In the dark, the militia stormed the tavern. Two British soldiers and one Native American were killed in the skirmish and the remainder were taken as prisoners. The militia later turned their prisoners over to the American army as it advanced from the south to scout the charred remains of the settlement at Lewiston. Twenty-one farms were destroyed on the Ridge Road between Lewiston and the Forsyth Tavern. The British continued to dispatch raids of approximately 15 men each throughout the Niagara Frontier to pillage and burn farms. Meanwhile an army of over 1,000 burned the village of Buffalo.”

Moses Bacon served again in September 1814 at the Battle of Fort Erie. During that battle he was shot in the neck and taken prisoner by the British and transported to Halifax, Canada. According to family records, Moses Bacon, while captive, carved a figure out of horse bone, after eating the meat from the bone for survival. He was released at the end of the war in 1815 and returned to his home where he lived out his life.

Moses built the brick house, still extant, at The Corners in 1835, which suffered a destructive fire in more recent years.  Moses drew a pension from the government for his service and injuries during the War of 1812.

Moses’ brothers, Elias and Hosea, followed him to Five Corners between 1819 and 1823. Moses sold part of his land to each brother. In those first years, the brothers built a sawmill where they produced timber from the trees felled to clear the land. Elias built a log cabin and barn by the side of the spring just north of the corner. He brought his wife, Sarah, from Connecticut to live in the wilderness. The barn was constructed of logs with a thatched roof in which he kept a cow and a horse. After clearing his land and planting crops, Elias was financially able to build his cobblestone home, still present at Five Corners.

Bacon Home, “Graystone,” Brown Road

Hosea was the youngest brother and first visited the Holland Purchase when he was 19 years old. For four years after he spent summers here with his brothers cutting and sawing timber at the mill and clearing land for planting. He worked at the saw mill until 1828 when he received the deed to his property, located east of Five Corners, on Brown Road. He built a frame house there, which was later replaced with a cobblestone home (shown above) and the farm acquired the name Graystone. It’s quite possible that the wrought iron frieze window works came from the Bacon foundry, about one mile away.  Today this beautiful cobblestone home is owned by Susan and Peter Heard.

Education at Five Corners in the early years was conducted in a variety of buildings. Around 1820, school was held just south of The Corners in a log barn that “leaked when it rained.” The next summer, school was held in a log house northwest of The Corners, which was the first house built south of the Ridge Road. The next summer, school was held in a corn crib just south of Five Corners, and from there it went to a horse barn just north of the corner.

By 1824, Moses and Sarah Bacon decided to help in the schooling of the children and deeded a piece of land to be used to build a schoolhouse. A cobblestone schoolhouse was built and serves today as a private residence (shown above) on Route 279, just north of the intersection.

In 1834 Moses Bacon deeded another parcel of land to create a burying ground, which will be the subject of Part 2 of this article. In addition to his community service of providing a cemetery, Moses Bacon was a trustee of the Congregational Church in Gaines in 1824 and contributed financially to the establishment of Phipps Union Seminary on Courthouse Square in Albion. He died in 1848 and was buried in the Union Cemetery that his philanthropy made possible.

Descendants of the Bacon brothers carried on business at Five Corners into the 20th century. Elias Scott Bacon lived in a brick house on the point of the triangle. Elias also built a foundry and manufactured farm implements. His son, Scott E. Bacon, carried on after his father with a foundry and furniture manufacturing business just north of the house. Photo shows structure prior to demolition in 1977.

In the 20th century, nieces of the Bacons inherited the Elias Bacon cobblestone home, where Dr. Ruth (Mary) Neilans, a descendant, now lives.

Earl Harding, Cornell University photo, 1920

Earl Harding, also a descendent, grew up in Five Corners in the Moses Bacon home. He attended the Cobblestone School at Five Corners and the Albion High School. Earl went to Cornell University and graduated in 1920.

Over the next 60 years his accomplishments were many for both Gaines and New York State.  After serving in the armed forces in WWI and graduating from Cornell, Earl married Marguerite (Hazard) and they had one daughter, Joan (Farnsworth.)

Before his death in 1980 he was president of the NYS Horticultural Society, one of the original Directors and President of the National Cherry Institute, first President of Orleans County Farm Bureau, served 20 years on the Advisory Board of Marine Trust Bank,  Chairman of the National Cherry Growers Meeting, Director for six years of the NYS Agricultural Society, appointed by Governor Rockefeller in 1959 to the New York Marketing Order Advisory Board and the Marketing Development Board for Apples. He also served on the Gaines Town Board for 21 years in addition to his service as a Mason, member of the Town Club, Lions Club and Methodist Church.

Earl Harding in his cherry Orchard at Five Corners, 1956

Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 19 September 2021 at 7:25 am

Our Wilderness – a place of beauty and stillness

“In the Wilderness is the preservation of the World” – Henry David Thoreau.

Our idea of camping growing up was a nice lake cottage in the Adirondacks. It was furnished with amenities, a dock for our family boat, and an ice cream stand over the bridge. That was camping Burgoon style. And I liked it. I married a man whose idea of camping was quite different growing up out West. His parents drove to Lake Cleveland, Idaho for the entire summer. Out in the middle of nowhere on a lake, with no power, bathrooms, boat and no ice cream.

On our honeymoon my husband took me tent camping in Maine. We left early and came home. Maybe I was a brat, I can’t remember. After that, vacations and getaways included proper lodging, a nearby watering hole and eating establishments. Not until my sister moved to Montana nearly 17 years ago did I truly internalize what a beautiful thing nature is out in the vastness of the wilderness. One of our trips out West found us appreciating many National Parks. Thanks to my fellow New Yorker Theodore Roosevelt, a great conservationist, he had a vision for the National Parks and established the United States Forest Service. Under his guidance he protected 230 million acres of public land, of which we should all be grateful.

If you have never seen the Grand Tetons, Craters of The Moon, or Zion, a road trip should be in your future. On our adventure, Brian shared Lake Cleveland with me. It was one of the most beautiful places. Like mini Tetons around a tiny lake, up in the middle of a very high mountain. It can be an eye opener when you perceive things a certain way without the value of experiencing it. Like my fellow New Yorker T.R., once I ventured outside of my comfort zone, it was enchanting to see what was waiting out in the vastness of an untouched landscape. This picture I took of my husband standing on our rocky bluff overlooking the mountain ranges is the fulfillment of a dream. His dream is now our dream. This brat can admit that when she bent a little, rolled up her sleeves and breathed. She found that the wilderness can be just as bewitching as the Rat-Race.

There is something very peaceful about realizing that the only people allowed to be in control of your destiny are you and God. The way the mountains weave together in this range makes one feel protected. I don’t even kill bugs anymore! I appreciate that all creatures in this ecosystem have a purpose. Out here in the wilderness life is preserved as nature has meant it to be. That preservation extends to us. It keeps us young at heart with great adventures mixed with the perfect amount of solitude.

When life is all too noisy in the world of screens and socials and other foolishness, travel to a place of beauty and stillness. And just breathe. It could be a road trip or could be as simple as a local park bench. Where is your wilderness retreat? 

To see Lake Cleveland, ID, visit my blog live online (click here) and catch up on Weekly Photo Perks and past Sunday Posts. Like and share your comments. Join my blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past posts of Positivity!

Debbie London

Albion, Holley and Kendall runners compete at Byron-Bergen invitational

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 18 September 2021 at 10:09 pm

Kendall boys third out of seven schools with full teams

Photos by Tom Rivers: Jovany Trejo of Albion nears the finish in his first varsity cross country race today for Albion. He is battling Elijah Selinger of Pembroke and Logan Cook of Hilton. Trejo was 37th overall at 22:02.

Three Orleans County school districts competed today in the Kota-Reis Cross Country Invitational at Byron-Bergen that included runners from about a dozen schools.

The Kendall boys team was third and Albion fifth out of the seven schools with full teams of at least five runners. Holley had runners compete in the boys race, but didn’t have five for a full team.

Albion girls were fifth out of six teams, while Holley and Kendall both had runners, but not enough for a full team. Batavia had the top boys and girls team on the day.

The team scores for boys included Batavia, 1st at 35 points; Hilton, 2nd at 82; Kendall, 3rd at 102; School of the Arts in Rochester, 4th at 105; Albion, 5th at 127; Byron-Bergen, 6th at 130; and Warsaw, 7th at 134.

Braxton Zarpentine of Kendall goes shoeless and puts everything into the final sprint near the finish to hold off Riley Navarra of Warsaw. Zarpentine was 45th overall at 23:06, with Navarra in 46th at 23:09.

The team scores for girls included Batavia, 1st at 26 points; Pembroke, 2nd at 52; Byron-Bergen, 3rd at 85; School of the Arts in Rochester, 4th at 99; Albion, 5th at 112; Avoca/Prattsburgh, 6th at 147.

Reuben Rivers of Albion was fifth overall out of 75 runners in 18:21, the top finish from an Orleans County school. (Nathan Canale of Batavia won the race in 17:37.) Albion also was led by its top five of Rivers in 5th; Jovany Trejo in 37th at 22:02; Greg Neptune at 40th in 22:26; Philip Monska in 54th at 24:16; and Jordan Marshall at 66th in 26:16.

Kendall’s top five finishers included: Ben Brundage of Kendall, 19th in 19:42; Bruce Rasmusson, 28th 20:44; Owen Hirschman, 30th in 21:00; Dutch Steffen, 31st in 21:07; and Alex King, 42nd in 22:57.

For Holley, the Hawks were led by Dylan Clemons, 23rd in 20:18. Ethan Hudzinski finished in 25:36 and Dylon Boyko at 38:27.

Lillian Mathes, front for Albion, and Gabriella Dobo of Albion compete in today’s invitational at Byron-Bergen.

In the girls race, Alexa Wolcott of Pavilion was the overall winner in 20:53, topping a field of 63 runners.

Albion was led by Gina Sidari in 14th at 24:25; S’koi Sanders at 24th in 25:55; Maggie Olles at 39th in 27:30; Meganne Moore, 42nd in 28:59; and Lillian Mathes, 46th in 30:06.

Kendall’s runners were led by Hannah Brundage, 12th overall in  24:01; Inez Strangler, 30th in 26:36; Libby Snyder, 37th in 27:24; and Paige Beers, 61st in 36:58.

Holley was led by Cecilia Famuggia, 54th in 32:23.

Holley was led by Dylan Clemons and Cecilia Famuggia during today’s invitational at Byron-Bergen.

Wellsville tops Holley in 8 man football

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 18 September 2021 at 9:35 pm

Jumping out to a 28-6 half-time lead, Wellsville went on to down visiting Holley 42-12 this evening in an 8 Man Division football game.

Holley Quarterback Destin Kuyal connected with Vinnie Galisano for a 50 yard touchdown pass and Hunter Smith ran one yard for the Hawks other TD. Smith ran for a total of 80 yards on the evening.

Frank Galisano led the Holley defensive effort with 10 tackles.

“They played hard. They played with a lot of heart,” said Holley Coach Wil Prince of the Hawks squad which had just 12 players available for the contest.

Holley will host Lyons/Sodus at 1 p.m. next Saturday.

Section VI B North Division

Maryvale 27, Roy-Hart/Barker/Lyndonville 8

Maryvale bested Roy-Hart/Barker/Lyndonville 27-8 in a B North Division game this evening at Middleport.

Justin Terwilliger scored the Silverbacks touchdown on a 9 yard run. Trenton Muck passed to Payton Grabowski for the two-point conversion. Terwilliger had a total of 115 yards rushing and Drew Sandolfini 80 yards.

Albion earns split on super Soccer Saturday

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 18 September 2021 at 9:13 pm

Photos by Cheryl Wertman – Albion’s Ryan Olles works to get the ball around Pembroke defender Danielle Mast during the host Purple Eagles Homecoming Super Soccer Saturday win this evening.

Albion went 1-1 this evening during the Purple Eagles annual Homecoming Super Soccer Saturday event.

The Albion girls blanked Pembroke 5-0 in the opener while the Purple Eagles boys squad dropped a 6-0 decision to Attica in the nightcap.

The Albion girls took a quick 2-0 lead in the first seven minutes as Cami London scored twice off assists from Abby Scanlan And Nikki Creasey.

The Purple Eagles then put a lock on the victory with three second half goals by Kenzi Hapeman off an assist from Cami London, by Aly Knaak from Charley London and by Elisa Bropst.

The Albion girls improve to 4-1.

Albion’s Blake Stornelli sends the ball towards teammate Andrew Uderitz as Kyle George defends for Attica during this evening’s Homecoming contest.

Medina/Lyndonville romps past Global

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 18 September 2021 at 5:20 pm

A huge seven goal first half scoring explosion powered Medina/Lyndonville to a 7-0 non league boys soccer victory over Global Concepts today.

Jackson Moreland scored 4 goals, Cole Callard two, both on penalty kicks, and Zaric Boyce 1 as the Mustangs improve to 3-1.

In a Genesee Region League contest, Byron-Bergen/Elba downed Kendall 6-1.

Mike McCue scored the goal for Kendall off an assist from Zach Barrett.

Fast start sparks Mustangs past Steelers

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 18 September 2021 at 4:45 pm

Photos by Cheryl Wertman – Medina quarterback Xander Payne throws a touchdown pass to Jarin Rhim with a Lackawanna defender grabbing his leg during the Mustangs win over the host Steelers this afternoon.

Building up an early 20-0 lead, Medina went on to defeat host Lackawanna 34-16 this afternoon to improve to 3-0 on the season.

Quarterback Xander Payne put Medina on top to stay with a pair of first quarter touchdowns first on a 9 yard run and then on an 11 yard pass to Joe Cecchini.

Noah Skinner had a big 31 yard run to key the first scoring drive and a fumble recovery at the Steelers 35 which set up the second scoring opportunity.

The Mustangs upped the advantage to 20-0 early in the second quarter as Payne completed a screen pass to Iverson Poole who broke free for a 50 yard touchdown play. Skinner added the two-point conversion run.

Lackawanna did make things interesting by answering back with a pair of touchdowns on passes by quarterback William Gechell of 21 yards to Shyhiem Smalls and 35 yard to Mohamed Alshawai. The Steelers added the two point conversion after both scores to slice the Medina lead to just four, 20-16, at the half.

However, the Mustangs regained a little breathing room by putting together a 15 play, 69 yard scoring drive which used up most of the third quarter.

Payne, who had pass completions of 14 and 12 yards to Jarin Rhim and 11 yards to Greg Thompson on the drive, capped off the march with an 8 yard TD pass to Rhim with 1:25 to go in the quarter. Cayden Lilleby added the two-point conversion run to make it 28-16.

Medina finally put a lock on the victory when Skinner literally bulldozed his way for a 45 yard touchdown run early in the final quarter for a 34-16 Mustangs lead as he shook off several Steeler tacklers along the way.

Defensively for the Mustangs, Chris Johnson had two sacks and Skinner and Robert Arnold one each.

Medina next hosts Akron in a C North Division game at 7 p.m. Friday.

The loss drops Lackawanna to 1-2.

Medina’s Noah Skinner escapes a slew of  Lackawanna tacklers in route to his 45 yard touchdown run.

Roy-Hart and Akron post field hockey wins

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 18 September 2021 at 4:40 pm

Roy-Hart edged Kenmore 2-1 and Akron romped past Newfane 17-0 today in Niagara-Orleans League field hockey games.

Cheyenne Stilwell and Justine Laverty each scored a goal for Roy-Hart which improves to 3-2.

Olivia McClaine and Natalie Ginestre each scored 3 goals to lead a parade of seven different scorers for Akron which stays perfect at 4-0.

Orleans deputy recognized by State Senate as ‘Woman of Distinction’

Staff Reports Posted 18 September 2021 at 9:10 am

Ashleigh Stornelli picked by Rob Ortt for the honor

Ashleigh Stornelli

State Sen. Rob Ortt has chosen a deputy with the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office to be the “Woman of Distinction” representing the 62nd Senate District.

Ashleigh Stornelli is a road deputy with the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office. She also has worked as the school resource officer at Kendall Central School.

“Her daily interactions and honest conversations help her make positive connections with students, faculty and staff,” Ortt said.

He noted Stornelli is certified in mental health and crisis intervention. Stornelli grew up in Lyndonville and graduated in Lyndonville’s Class of 2010. She played soccer, basketball, and track at Lyndonville, and then earned an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice at Genesee Community College.

Stornelli in 2014 joined the Army National Guard as a 32B — Military Police Officer. She graduated from the 42nd Military Police Company in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, in February 2015, and was stationed at the 222nd Military Police Company in Rochester for six years. “During her time in service, she learned the value of loyalty, duty, and personal courage,” Ortt said. “She chose to live by these standards and continue a career in law enforcement in her civilian life.”

In 2015, she was accepted into the Erie County Community College Police Academy and graduated with the 126th Basic Academy Class. The following year she started with the Holley Police Department, participating in community events and holiday festivities. She also began interacting with students in the school district, working to develop positive relationships with students and staff.

In May 2018, she joined the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office. She is active in the yearly Veterans and Memorial Day ceremonies and attends festivals and other celebratory events, according to her Woman of Distinction profile.

Ortt praised Stornelli for dedicating her life “to protect and defend those in need, always there to provide encouragement and support.”

She is the second woman from Orleans County picked by Ortt to receive the award. He previously chose Annette Finch, director of community services at Community Action of Orleans & Genesee, for the recognition in 2017.

Morning rainbow gets day off to a good start

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 18 September 2021 at 8:06 am

Photos courtesy of Mike Zeliff

LYNDONVILLE – Mike Zeliff sent in these photos this morning of a rainbow that stretched out in the sky near his home on South Lyndonville Road in Lyndonville.

“We were enjoying our morning cup of coffee when this rainbow appeared,” Zeliff said.

This weekend the forecast calls for highs of 74 today and 72 on Sunday. There is a chance of showers and thunderstorms before noon today. It will be mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, according to the National Weather Service in Buffalo.

The highs for next few days include 80 on Monday, 79 on Tuesday, 72 on Wednesday and 65 on Thursday and Friday.

Holley and Kendall girls post G-R soccer wins

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 17 September 2021 at 11:50 pm

Holley blanked Notre Dame 2-0 and Kendall downed Attica 6-2 in Genesee Region League girls soccer games this evening.

Scoring goals for Holley were Jailyn Bishop, off an assist from Emma Brady, and Samantha Bates.

Layne Walker made 6 saves to earn the shutout in goal for the Lady Hawks.

Holley improves to 2-1-1 in the league and 4-1-2 overall.

T’Mia Kitchings and Alezya Brown both scored 2 goals and Grace Levett and Ava Quintern each added one to lead Kendall (2-2, 2-3) past Attica.

In another G-R contest, Oakfield-Alabama blanked Lyndonville/Medina 3-0 as all of the scoring came in the second half.

Roy-Hart booters roll past CSAT

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 17 September 2021 at 10:52 pm

Four players contributed goals as Roy-Hart downed visiting CSAT 7-1 this afternoon in a non league boys soccer game.

Elijah Giroux scored 3 goals, Peter Martillotta 2 and Aiden Guild and Rem Albee 1 each for Roy-Hart as Trent Choate and Brandin Masters both had 2 assists.

In another non league contest, Akron downed Holley 3-1.

Lyndonville bests Elba in G-R volleyball

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 17 September 2021 at 10:47 pm

Lyndonville scored a four set 25-12, 25-10, 19-25, 25-14 victory over Elba in a Genesee Region League volleyball match this evening.

Gracie Johnson had 3 kills and 7 digs, Lorelei Dillenbeck 6 aces and 4 kills, Addy Dillenbeck 3 aces and 5 kills, Brianna Smith 8 aces, Karlee Rounds 3 aces and 2 kills and Haley Shaffer 11 digs for the Lady Tigers.

Mariah Ognibene and Carolyn Sybertz each had 3 kills for Elba.