2015 Rewind: Some of my favorite sports photos from this past year

Posted 1 January 2016 at 12:00 am

By Cheryl Wertman

As we start 2016 today, it’s time to take a look back of “some” of my favorite pictures from 2015. Note: I always consider all of my photos to be my favorites as I post them daily for you to see and it becomes very hard each year to just narrow it down to the 15 I am highlighting today. I hope you enjoy the photos that have been published in the “Hub” this year and I hope I can give you plenty more in 2016.

My No. 1 favorite is this shot of Roy-Hart’s Aaron Metz laying full out to catch a fly ball against Medina. Those types of pictures are a special shot and while I have taken similar pictures, this one stands out as the best one ever.

No. 2 is this shot of Jalin Cooper of Medina going up to block Justin Heschke of Roy-Hart. The amazing part of this shot is that Tyler Ames (22) of Medina is 6’7″ and standing flat footed, Heschke is 6’2″ and jumping about a foot off the floor and Jalin is 6’2″ and is at least two feet higher that the other two to block the shot.

No. 3 is Andy Xapsos of Roy-Hart pitching against Medina during a snow storm at Vets Park. It seemed like Spring was never going to come this year and this shot reinforced that notion as the snow kept coming down during this game in April.

No. 4 is Albion’s Emily Blanchard showing either how hard her head is or how soft the soccer ball was that day. Most people don’t realize how hard a soccer ball is until they try to kick one or how much force is generated when it is headed by a player.

No. 5 is Tania Arellano of Kendall driving to the basket. Tania loved driving to the basket and her facial expressions showed her determination to get there at any way possible.

No. 6 is Kendall’s Mookie Nauden looking to shoot but having the Alexander defender climbing on his back instead.

No. 7 is Emily Kams of Medina showing her concentration to set the volleyball by sticking her tongue out. Emily led Medina in sets and earned All league and All WNY honors.

No. 8 is Kendall’s Jenna Jacobs making a leaping save in the sectionals. Jenna’s goal against average was phenomenal and saves like this one kept her team in the game when the score was low.

No. 9 is Ashley Bocach of Albion diving to make a serve return and showing the agony of putting knees to the floor and hoping the ball goes where it’s supposed to. Albion won it’s third straight N-O volleyball title and as the Libero she was a big part in getting the serve receptions to her teammates to set.

No. 10 is Medina’s Jake Cotter with the fingertip catch. Jake led the Mustangs in rushing and scoring this year and this catch accounted for one of his many touchdowns.

No. 11 is Dylan Bader of Albion jumping over a defender to try to get the the soccer ball. Soccer lends itself to plays like these as defenders try to slide under the offensive player trying to get to the ball.

No. 12 is Medina’s Brett Pecararo laying out trying to shoot towards the goal in lacrosse.

No. 13 is Nick Passarell and Zach Day of Holley doing a wishbone maneuver on the Notre Dame running back in an attempt to tackle him.

No. 14 is Albion’s Morgan Seielstad swimming in the Freestyle. This swim move is the hardest to get  a photo of due to how the swimmer’s arm goes over his head. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Last but not least, No. 15 is the Metro 10 Race that was held in Albion pitting Rochester runners against their counterparts from Buffalo. This shot was taken along the canal facing the Densmore Road bridge as a group heads towards the finish line at the 8 mile mark.