2015 Best Submitted Photos from Readers of Orleans Hub

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 29 December 2015 at 12:00 am

If a rainbow emerges in the sky or if there is a dazzling sunset, Orleans Hub readers will often send in photos of the spectacles.

Readers also will spot snowy owls, bald eagles and other wildlife and share those images.

The top photo shows two bald eagles pictured in early March at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. Pamela Moore took the picture.

Here are some of my favorite images captured by readers during 2015.

Linda Dale of West Bacon Road has found a bright spot in the brutal cold weather on Feb. 18: a frequent visitor she calls “Allie.” She took this photo of Allie – a spotted deer. This Piebald deer was eating seeds from the bottom of a bird feeder.

“She’s such a delight!! Just look at that face!!” Dale said in an email.

Jason Smith was driving to work on Feb. 20 as superintendent of Lyndonville Central School and took this picture of a sundog on West Countyhouse Road in Albion.

The sundogs resemble rainbows. They appear sometimes in the winter when low-lying sun creates ice halos.

Matilda Erakare took this photo at about 6:50 a.m. on May 5 while she was walking along East Avenue on her way to school. She was a freshman at Albion last year when she took the photo.

Doug Boyer took this picture of an osprey with its catch on May 16 at Lake Alice in Carlton.

Joe Martillotta was out mowing his lawn on North Main Street in Albion on May 22 when he discovered a fawn nestled in the bushes. Martillotta said he was tempted to pet the baby deer but he didn’t want its mother to reject it. The fawn eventually got up and took off running.

These baby swans were out on Lake Alice for their first day on the water on May 29. Doug Boyer was there for the milestone moment.

Mike Beach of Albion snapped this photo of geese crossing Gaines Basin Road by Wal-Mart on June 14.

Peggy Barringer of Albion took this photo of people in in Amphicar on Sept. 6 at Point Breeze.

A blood moon was out on Sept. 27 and Heather Kuepper took this picture of the total supermoon lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon.

A double rainbow appeared on Oct. 16 and Chris Busch took this photo of the rainbow as seen from South Main Street and Crosby’s in Medina.

Michelle Restivo joined her grandfather Richard Heard of Albion on an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. on Oct. 24 to see war memorials. Heard enlisted during World War II and was a radar mechanic. In February of 1943, he was called to active service from reserve status. He was stationed in six states. Here he is pictured by the Korean War Memorial, sitting near a wall inscribed with the words,” Freedom is not free.”

Curtis Beecher, an employee at the Lynn-Ette and Sons farm in Kent, took a picture on Nov. 25 of a snowy owl on some of Lynn-Ette’s farm equipment. The owls returned for another winter in Orleans County.

It was a dramatic sunset on Dec. 6 and Eric Conn captured this scene at Point Breeze.

It was shockingly warm for much of December, including a 72-degree day on Dec. 14. Jennifer Orr of Albion took her kids to the lake at Point Breeze. They made this snowman in the sand.