2 retiring jail corrections officers recognized for 25 years of service

Posted 31 October 2020 at 8:12 am

Provided photos: John Mignano, left, and David Pollock both recently retired after 25 years as corrections officers in the Orleans County Jail.

ALBION – Two leaders among corrections officer sin the Orleans County Jail were recently retired on their retirements. John Mignano and David Pollock both worked 25 years as corrections officers and were lieutenants.

Lt. Michael Christopher sent in the following in the following information about Mignano and Pollock.

John Mignano

John Mignano started full time on Oct. 1, 1990 and retired on June 29, 2020. He was promoted to rank of sergeant after five years as a corrections officer and then was promoted to lieutenant on February 2000.

He was in charge of ordering cleaning materials and inmate products for many years. He took pride in having a clean jail and personally supervised it on the administrative level on a nearly nightly basis.

He is also known to have received over a dozen funny nicknames over his career from staff and inmates. He plans on spending a lot of time with his two young grandsons and has always been an avid German Shepherd owner.

He also is a big Harley Davidson owner and follower often going to Sturgis, South Dakota for the bike rally. He and his wife Janet have frequented the Full Throttle Saloon that was a popular TV series for a few seasons. Interestingly, they have become friends with owners Michael and Angie Ballard.

David Pollock

David Pollock started full time as a corrections officer on Aug. 22, 1995. He retired on Sept. 12, 2020. He was promoted to sergeant in March 2000, and then was promoted to lieutenant in January 2002.

He was also certified NYS instructor, most notably an excellent firearms instructor. He took the most pride in being very precise on facility paperwork, organization, documentation and storage.

He and his wife Sharon plan on spending time with their very young and newly born grandchildren from both his son and his daughter. Interestingly his wife retired from her job the day before his last day.

His retirement decision was made much easier knowing he would get to spends lots of time with the grandchildren and his wife. They spend a lot of time going to craft shows and toy train shows together and both are animal lovers. Dave has a huge hobby of collecting train sets, post cards and is a huge world history buff.

Both John and Dave had farewell parties on June 29th and Sept 10th, respectively.  The parties were put on by the Orleans County Sheriffs Employee Association Local 2966.

Many current and former employees attended both parties. Both had pizza, wings, cakes and laughs.

Superintendent Scott Wilson, Sheriff Christopher Bourke and Undersheriff Michael Mele attended both parties and presented both with recognition plaques and certificates of appreciation.

Union Vice President Michael Christopher presented both with plaques for their 25 years of service to Orleans County. Christopher has started a 25-year Orleans County employee recognition wall at the jail and in 911 dispatch. The two retiring lieutenants make it seven officers on the 25-year jail wall.

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