2 more confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Orleans, 1 more in Genesee

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 12 April 2020 at 5:37 pm

Orleans County has two more confirmed cases of Covid-19 while Genesee County has one more confirmed case, the Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments reported today at about 5:30 p.m.

The two new cases brings Orleans County’s total confirmed cases to 28, while Genesee County is up to 75 cases.

Health Department staff have started contact tracing, putting known contacts in quarantine for two weeks. Those people will be swabbed and tested for Covid-19 if they show symptoms.

There is currently no further information to release on ages and location, the Health Departments said in a news release.

Mapping to include the positive cases from the weekend will be updated on Monday afternoon.

“We encourage everyone to continue social distancing and staying home,” the departments said in a statement. “If you need to go out, for essential needs, only one person should be running those errands so as not to risk further exposure. This is not a time for gatherings or play dates or date night. The life you save may be you or a loved one. We can do this together…we are one day closer to this being a memory.”

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