2 Lyndonville teachers selected for national rural teacher campaign

Staff Reports Posted 24 November 2020 at 3:11 pm

LYNDONVILLE – Two elementary school teachers at Lyndonville have been selected in a rural teacher initiative.

Jenna Goheen

The Rural Schools Collaborative is an organization focused on gathering information from early career rural teachers from around the country. The organization wants to hear form the teachers what they think is necessary to prepare, recruit and retain high-quality teacher-leaders.

Jenna Goheen and Joseff Smith have been picked for the “I Am a Rural Teacher” campaign.

Goheen, a first-grade teacher at Lyndonville, was selected by the Rural Schools Collaborative as an exemplary young rural educator.  The RSC wants her input as the group considers policy, networking and support for rural schools and teachers at the National Rural Education Association annual conference.

Joseff Smith

Joseff Smith, a fourth grade teacher, was selected to serve as an advisor on the Young Educators’ Advisory Council and will serve for two years engaging in online conversations. Smith’s experience, love of teaching and commitment to education will be an asset as he serves as a representative for Western New York.

Smith is the JV boys soccer coach at Lyndonville. He has previously taught math, science and history at multiple grades at a private rural school in North Carolina for two years. At that school he led the early college program, where over 80 percent of all high school students were dual enrolled in community college courses and high school classes.

Smith also has three years experience leading a team in sales, customer service and marketing for an international company.

These opportunities for Miss Goheen and Mr. Smith allow the Lyndonville school district to participate in the “I Am a Rural Teacher” campaign and contribute local voices to a national organization.