2 Christmas trees planted at Medina’s State Street Park

Photos courtesy of Medina Tree Board: A crew from Draves Tree Service works to install a 12’ Black Hills spruce in State Street Park, Medina. The two trees will grow to replace the current aging “village Christmas trees.”

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 7 September 2022 at 7:49 pm

Press Release, Medina Tree Board

Tom Draves, owner of Draves Tree Service, operates the lift required to install the big spruce trees.

MEDINA- An early Christmas gift arrived in State Street Park this morning! After a successful fund-raising campaign, two huge Christmas trees arrived on site and were installed by Draves Tree Service of Corfu. The two 12’ Black Hills spruce trees will eventually grow to replace the current aging “village Christmas trees” in the park.

The project cost approximately $4,000 and was made possible through generous donations from citizens and organizations to Releaf Medina. All donors will be listed on a Donors Plaque that will be on display later this year in Medina’s Christmas HQ– the Santa House in Rotary Park.

“To secure trees of that size, the trees had to be specially dug and shipped East Amherst. From there, Draves Tree Service transported the trees to Medina for the specialized installation,” said Chris Busch, Municipal Forestry Coordinator for the village. “As you can see, it’s quite an undertaking.”

The Black Hills spruce is described as a dense evergreen tree with a strong central leader. It has a distinctive and refined pyramidal form and is highly tolerant of urban pollution. According to Busch, the tree is drought tolerant once established and can live for nearly 100 years.

“This is a big day for Christmas in Medina,” said Kathy Blackburn, Chair of Medina’s Tree Board. “On behalf of Releaf Medina and the Village Tree Board, an enormous ‘thank you’ to everyone who so generously supported this effort!”

Medina has gained a reputation far and wide for its annual Christmas displays and celebration.

“Every year, people come from miles around to experience a real, old-fashioned, hometown Christmas in Medina, and these two magnificent trees will at the heart of our celebration for years to come,” Blackburn said.

She also encouraged citizens and organizations to continue supporting tree plantings in the village and stated that Releaf Medina accepts donations throughout the year. All money collected go towards tree plantings in the village. Tax deductible donations can be sent to Medina Releaf Fund c/o ORG, PO Box 543, Medina, NY 14103, check payable to: ORG/Medina Releaf Society.

A specialized installation in Medina by Draves Tree Service of Corfu.