165 students in Orleans test positive for Covid in first month of school

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 9 October 2021 at 9:03 am

Albion has by far the most with 76 while Lyndonville fewest with 3

In the first month of the school year, 165 students at the five school districts in Orleans County have tested positive for Covid-19.

Albion has by far the most cases with 76, while Lyndonville has the fewest with 3, according to the state’s COVID-19 Report Card, which was last updated on Friday.

Here is the breakdown of cases per school district in Orleans County:

• Albion has had 76 students test positive, plus six teachers and five other staff for 87 total in the school district. That includes 46 students in the high school, 7 in the middle school and 23 at elementary.

• In Holley, 36 students, two teachers and one staff member have tested positive for Covid. The students include 22 in the junior-senior high school and 14 in elementary school.

• Kendall has had 17 students, no teachers and two staff members test positive. The students include 10 in junior-senior high and 7 in elementary school.

• Lyndonville is reporting by far the fewest cases with 3 students — all in junior-senior high — and one staff member.

• Medina has had 33 students who have tested positive, no teachers and two staff members. The students include 21 in junior-senior high school, 9 at intermediate/middle school and 3 in elementary.

Here are the number of students, teachers and staff who tested positive during the 10 months of the previous school year in 2020-21.

  • Albion (enrollment 1,768 students) had 86 students test positive (75 were in-person students and 11 remote-only). Those students included 33 in high school, 26 in middle school, and 27 in elementary school. There were 26 teachers/staff that tested positive.
  • Holley (enrollment 902) reported 45 students who tested positive last year, including 43 in-person students and 2 who were remote-only. Those students included 34 in junior-senior high and 11 at elementary school. The district also had 17 teachers/staff test positive.
  • Kendall (enrollment 698) last school year reported 37 students tested positive for Covid with 35 on-site and 2 as remote-only students. That included 19 at junior-senior high school and 18 at elementary school. Kendall also had 4 teachers/staff test positive.
  • Lyndonville (enrollment 639) had 20 students test positive for Covid (15 in-school and 5 remote) and 13 teachers and staff. The Lyndonvile students included 17 in junior-senior high school and 3 at the elementary level.
  • Medina (enrollment 1,396) had 87 students test and the state database says 4 were in-person students and 83 were off-site students. Those students included 43 in high school, 27 at intermediate/middle school, and 14 at elementary school. The district also had 31 teachers/staff test positive for Covid.