15 Medina students, chaperones visit Greece over spring break

Posted 12 April 2024 at 8:53 pm

Photos and information courtesy of Fred Fierch

Continuing a high school experience begun in the 1990s by Anne-Marie Finger and Alexandra Peracciny, 15 Medina High School students traveled to Greece during the spring break vacation. Adding to the European event was the fact that a companion group of adults from Middleport joined them. Because of that, there were numerous multi-generational combinations.

The group photo on top includes:

Front row:  Elaina Bitsas, Valeria Canales, Abigail Pratt, Malloree Rinker, Elaina Huntington, Makenzie McGrath, Adreanna McMurray and Gloria Fierch.

Middle row:  Jill Westcott, Keri Pratt, Madison Pratt, Robin Watts, Ava Blount, Paisley Pasnik, Emiliana Batista, Aurora Owczarczak, Madisynn Stanton, Vonda Westcott and Alexandra Peracciny.

Back row: Renee Webber, Emilia Peracciny, Fred Fierch, Keira Walker, Michael Cavanagh, Linda Kozubal, Tyler McInally, Conor Crandall, Celeste Stahl-Balaban, Hunter Pratt, Dominic Peracciny, Matt Peracciny, Alex Balaban, Gary Watts and Richard Westcott.

Alex Balaban and his mother Celeste Stahl-Balaban.

The group enjoyed a sun-filled week visiting the Acropolis and its museum in Athens, having a Greek cooking class, a cruise in the Saronic portion of the Aegean Sea, visiting the islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina, a visit to the incredible Corinth Canal, the ruins of Mycenae, a pottery class and a wonderful visit to the gorgeous city of Nafplio. The latter included a picturesque boat ride in the blue waters and a visit to the local beach.

Dominic, Emilia, Matthew, and Alexandra Peracciny, and Fred and Gloria Fierch.

The visit was coordinated through EF Tours and its Athens and Argolida Tour.  Many people on this tour went together 24 years previously, and there were four families who were traveling with children or grandchildren.

Some of the past travelers inspired Mrs. Peracciny to restart the student program. This tour was chaperoned by Mrs. Peracciny and Mr. Michael Cavanagh, Medina High School Principal. The Middleport portion was organized by Matt Peracciny.

The people who went on this adventure all share a love of travel, adventure and learning.

Dick, Vonda and Jill Westcott, Keri, Hunter, Madison and Abbie Pratt.

Gary and Robyn Watts and Makenzie McGrath.