1,000 Albion students cheer classmates who competed in Empire Games

Posted 10 November 2017 at 11:50 am

Photos courtesy of Sue Starkweather Miller: Haden Button enters the assembly on Thursday to a cheering crowd.

Alanna Holman, left, and Lily Allison are buddies.

Press Release, Albion Central School

ALBION – The Albion Central School District’s annual Empire Games for the Physically Challenged Awards Ceremony took place on Thursday The middle school band played musical selections as student athletes entered the elementary school gym to a cheering audience of over 1,000 students, staff, and family members.

The elementary school chorus sang several musical selections.  Students watched to a video presentation of the athletes participating in the Games at SUNY Brockport. Principals distributed ribbons and medals to each student athlete. After the ceremony, the athletes and their families celebrated with cookies and milk.

The Empire Games for the Physically Challenged takes place in October at SUNY Brockport. School districts from all across the region participate in many events on the Brockport campus.

Albion student athletes participated in: long jump, club throw, precision throw, distance kick, 40 meter race, 60 meter race, 100 meter race, slalom and the soft discus. Each athlete had a high school “buddy” who attended the Games and assisted them through the day as they moved through events.

Student athletes included: Lily Allison, Asad Bacht, Morgan Brower, Hayden Button, Dejeanna Conner, Brook Drake, Ethan Ferchen, Analiah Figueroa-Fuentes, Kaitlynn Figueroa-Fuentes, Rebecca Fugate, Nick Garcia, Taneisha Jackson, Keira Lemcke, Tatiana Morales, Misty Dawn Mullins, Gabrielle Payne, Adriana Pellegrino, Emily Richardson, Shaekwon Robinson, Alannah Snitzel and Jacob Sunday

Adriana Pelligrino receives medals from Elementary School Principal Rachel Curtin.

Varsity cheerleaders and Eagle lead a cheer for the audience.

Nick Garcia receives his medals from High School Assistant Principal Katharine Waite.

The Middle School Band performs during the assembly.

Emily Richardson receives her medals from Middle School Principal Bradley Pritchard.

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