Upsets highlight ‘Y’ volleyball action

Contributed Story Posted 8 November 2014 at 12:00 am

Orleans County YMCA Happenings

Volleyball has returned this week with a slew of upsets that no one saw coming, along with an epic battle of the defeated teams in our league, this was the YMCA edition of a toilet bowl game.

A lot of intense action happens this week, so let’s get right into it, starting off with our C division. In our first match first place Main Liquor took on upcoming Kiss My Ace. This was an exciting one. Most thought Main Liquor was going to take this with ease as their 16-1 record displayed, but Kiss My Ace had other plans. Playing out of their minds Kiss My Ace was able to destroy Main Liquor in their first two games. Courtney Bailen of Kiss My Ace arrived late, but didn’t even sub in because of how well her team was playing. It was a great team effort. In the final game of the set Main Liquor settled themselves, while they returned to form, dominating the third game 25-13. Kiss My Ace was still triumphant as they took the set Kiss My Ace 2-1 with a score of 63-52.

In our next match 2nd place My Loving Ex took on V8 Launcher. Kitt Coleman was the MVP of this match. Passing, setting and spiking. It seemed like she was everywhere. Like there was six of her. V8 Launchers fought back, Kevin Cifelli was battling hard to get V8 Launchers back into the game. He was unsuccessful in his valiant attempt. As My Loving Ex continued its streak, winning 3-0 with a score of 75-51.

Our next match was the highly anticipated toilet bowl match. With Spiked Punch and Bumper Cars having 0-18 records someone had to win. In a crazy first game, Spiked Punch were first on the board taking the game 25-19. After the final point, many screams and hugs were given out by Spiked Punch. It was like they won the whole league. It was a great sight to see. Next game Bumper Cars were able to get their first win. It wasn’t as dramatic as Spike Punch wins, but they got it done. Carissa Metz and husband Nathan Metz were on top of their game as they propelled themselves to victory. It didn’t stop there as Bumper Cars continued their winning ways as they won the last game of the set. Giving them 2-1 victory with a score of 69-62, it was also great to see both of these teams get their first win. Hopefully they can keep on winning as the season goes on.

Moving on to our final C division game of the night. Serves You Right took on Sets on the Beach. Both of these teams are middle of the pack teams. So this could potentially be a playoff preview. The game got off to a hot start. Sue Miller had strong play against the net. Intimidating the opposing team the whole match, scaring them to even spike. Sets on the Beach was able to secure the first game, but Serves You Right wouldn’t go away. Having a tremendous comeback in game two, Serves You Right was on fire. Mat Hungerford was destroying 50/50 balls at the net. No one wanted to get near him when he went up to swing. This lead to Serves You Right taking the match 2-1 with a score of 65-60.

Moving on to B division first place Victorious Secret took on Mundion Watts. This was an ugly one. Victorious Secret looked dominate. Zack Welker was a force all night, smashing through blocks and drilling the ball to the floor. They had no answer for him. Mundion Watts got blown out game one. The arrival of Jen Watts helped Mundion Watts in game two and three, but couldn’t overcome the overall teamwork of Victorious Secret. Secret went on to win 3-0 with a score of 75-35.

Our next match was 4th place Bridget’s Bashers took on second place How I Set Your Mother 2. Bridget Stopa was passing great the whole game, but her team couldn’t get on the same page. Debbie McGrath was a beast though, digging all sorts of spikes from the other team. How I Set Your Mother two was just too strong. Hailey Jakubowski and Jenna Carpenter held this team together. When things would get chaotic as they would bring stability back. They helped push How I Set Your Mother 2 to a 3-0 victory with a score of 75-24.

In our last match we had We Showed Up taking on Smart Bumps. It was a barn burner from the start. We Showed Up stars Jason and Adam Hellwig were stone walls at the net. It might help that they are both giants, but regardless hitting through them was a tough task. Kris Cane was trying to tip his way to victory, but We Showed Up was too strong. Taking the match 2-1 with a super tight score of 72-71.

Going over to Tuesday nights, A division got underway with Shockers 2 having to play the double header. Their first match was against T-Shirts Etc. They were looking to get some wins as they have subpar record. T-Shirts Etc have been without their top spikes for a while. This week they returned and helped give T-Shirts Etc the firepower they needed. Shockers 2 weren’t scared as Travis Farnsworth blew a bunch of spikes by T-Shirts. Brain Kemp of T-Shirts tried his best to get his team going, but Shockers were able to sweep them 3-0 with a score of 75-54.

Shockers had a tough task in their next game. They were looking to take their first game from Zacher Construction this season. All the games were close but you could see the double header affected Shockers 2, especially with only having 5 people. Kevin Laskey subbed for Zach Construction. He was a monster. Killing the ball the whole game, Shockers 2 couldn’t handle his hitting, along with great overall play from Sarah Martin. They looked unstoppable. Winning the match 3-0 with a score of 75-68.