Many local grapplers place at Holley Club Tournament

Contributed Story Posted 18 March 2014 at 12:00 am

A large number of local wrestlers earned place finishes at this past weekend’s Holley Wrestling Club Tournament.

The local winners included Logan Gray and Dominic Callara from Medina, Thomas Rice from Kendall, Dustin Joy and Devon Joy from Lyndonville along with Tent Wright, Nick Shenck, Peyton Wright, Joe Silpoch, Chase Silversmith, Nathan Silversmith, Kory Puente and Jacob Affronti from Holley.

Earning second place honors were Rashawn Bloom from Medina, William Kludt from Kendall, Dustin Hinckley and Jeff Gress Jr. from Lyndonville, Dane Aina from Albion and Josh Silpoch, Lucas Silvis, David Roe, Preston Lampo and Antonio Farruggia from Holley.

The local third place finishers included Ty Holmes and Mario Fidanza from Lyndonville along with Brandon Morrell, Dalton Moyer, Jacob Silpoch, Matt Wilson, William Kruger, Shawn McAllister, Aro Kruger, Zac Dann, Gianna Grathouse, Ricky Hodge and Clarence Moyer all from Holley.

Earning fourth place finishes were Gaven Redick from Kendall, Galvin McNearney from Albion along with Austin Vroman, Camron Thorn, Carlos Alfanso, Dustin Wilston, Mason Moyer, Michael Schoonmaker, Nathan Lonthair, Nathan Silversmith, Nathan Schoonmaker and Zach Day from Holley.

The local fifth place finishers included Finn Hamner from Medina, Nikki Holmes from Lyndonville along with Kayden Servais, Emma Grathouse, AJ Wright, Zach Farruggia, Damian Schoonmaker, David Farruggia, Zach Grinnell, Anthony Giancursio, Blake Coleman, Frank Golisano, Makayla Famoly and Ray Kingdollar from Holley.