Happenings at the Orleans County YMCA

Contributed Story Posted 28 March 2014 at 12:00 am

Spring Indoor Volleyball

This week in our adult volleyball league, the underdogs took on the heavy favorites. In our first match in B division 2nd place Victorious Secret took on Dem Apples. VS was looking to get back on track after a devastating loss last week. VS steamrolled Dem Apples in a quick 3-0 win with a score of 75-43. Danny Anderson destroyed with his signature serve “The Flying Squirrel”, leading his team to a runaway victory.

In our next match 1st place Cupcakes took on Baxter. In a thrilling first game, Baxter pulled out the victory with 28-26 win. A huge upset on the side of Cupcakes and it was also Baxter’s first win. It wouldn’t replicate as Cupcakes proceeded to take the next two games to finish off the match with a 2-1 win and score of 76-58.

In our third match Eddie’s Block Party took on Bridget’s Bashers. Both teams went back and forth but Nick Schroeder was the deciding factor. His effort helped propel Bridget’s Bashers to a 2-1 victory with a score of 69-59. The race for the playoffs is heating up as 3 teams are all within 4 games of first place.

In our C division, the first match saw Misfits take on Main Liquor. Misfits battled with all their heart but failed to take the match. Main Liquor was too dominant, as they took the three games with ease; they look poised to make a run at the championship this year. The final tally of that match was 75-62. In our next match Set on the Beach took on Just Us. With the return of superstar C division player Keith Ward, Beach rolled to an easy 3-0 win with a score of 75-49. With all 4 teams so close in the standing playoffs are sure to be an unpredictable event.

Finally in A division, Adam Tower and SWAT Team took on Mustangs. Tim Lincoln came out strong in the first game by hammering down a sea of balls against the opposing defense. The Tower duo would not let up though, as they played solid defense and weathered the storm, leading them to a 3-0 victory with a score of 76-61. It was a back and forth match but Adam and Bridget Tower were too good to let any game slide.

In our second game Bumpin Uglies took on T-Shirt Etc. Bumpin Uglies looked to continue its streak of winning in this match and that is exactly what they did. They won the match 2-1 with a score of 73-65, Bumpin Uglies looked to keep rolling as they took on Zacher Construction in their next match. Team Captain of Zacher Construction Scott Grimm had other plans though. Zacher Construction made quick work winning 3-0 with score of 75-55, as they preyed on Bumpin Uglies playing its second game of the night.

Youth Floor Hockey

In our final week of youth floor hockey, a special game was played in all age groupsthe always fun Coaches vs. Kids. All the kids were ready to go as the coaches took the floor. In the three ages groups that were played the kids won two out of the three games.

The 4-6 year olds the kids won a barn burner of game as they were able to outlast the coaches in a 5-4 win. In our 7-9 group the kids were triumphant again as they thrashed the coaches 7-4 in a decisive victory. Finally in our 10-12 our coaches took it to the kids as they won 8-4. In the first half the kids were led by Gavin Eaton in goal. Not letting the coaches get out to an early led but with more and more coaches joining the fray, the kids just couldn’t keep up as they finally fell to the coaches.

Adult Floor Hockey

In our fifth week of adult floor hockey every team played hard as two exciting games were played, as teams battled to climb up the standing before playoffs.

In our first match 1st place No Names took on bottom feeder Knights. Most people expected this one to be a blow out but that wasn’t the case as Knights rose to the occasion and pushed No Names to their limit. With five minutes to go in the game, the score was tied 5-5. Being threatened with their first loss of the season No Names came up clutch and scored two quick goals to put the Knights away. Not wanting to be shown up by the first game, Avengers and Team RamRod put on a classic. Their game was a defensive battle from the start. Neither team was able to create much offense against the other as the defenses were on top of their game. This led to this season’s first shoot out. Even in this shoot-out neither team wanting to concede a goal until Tyler Fraass finally netted one in to give Avengers the victory.