Happenings at the Orleans YMCA

Contributed Story Posted 2 May 2014 at 12:00 am

Spring Indoor Volleyball

In volleyball this week the teams battled it out as playoffs began. Everyone was gunning to make the finals in their divisions. There were the expected advances as higher seeds took care of business but there was also a very big upset.

Starting off with our C division, Set on the Beach took on Misfits as the battle of our refs continued. Mike Wengrzycki would be the one to come out on top with his team advancing to the finals for the second straight season, squeaking out a 2-0 victory with a score of 50-38. Carissa Streams made bone crushing dives to keep her team from falling but it wasn’t enough for the one-time champion Misfits to advance. Jake Miller was stellar in the match leaping towards the net like a rabid dog, crushing any chance for the other team to win.

In our second semi final match number one seed Main Liquor took on Just Us. Main Liquor took care of Just Us with ease by not allowing the team to reach 15 in either of their wins, as they took the match 2-0 with score of 50-22. Gary and Nicci Moore took control from the start and made sure to send a statement to Set on The Beach that they aren’t messing around. Stay tuned next week to see the conclusion of C division. Will Set on The Beach repeat or will Main Liquor take home their first championship?

Moving over to our B division where in our first quarterfinals match 6th seed Dem Apples took on 3rd seed Eddie’s Block Party. This match was a quick one. Eddie’s Block Party wasn’t wasting any time as they breezed to a quick 2-0 sweep with a score of 50-22. Katie Graff was on top of her game, setting up her teammates for fantastic spikes.

Our next match was 4th seed Bridget’s Basher taking on 5th seed Baxter. Cory Lewis and Bridget’s Bashers came out strong taking the first game 25-11. Baxter wouldn’t go away though, as they battled back and took a close game two 25-23. It all came down to one game, winner advances. Bridget Stopa led her team to an early lead. Baxter closed the gap with a great team effort but Jamie Glass put them away with devastating spikes, as Bridget’s Bashers took the match 2-1 with a score of 73-59.

1st seed Victorious Secret showed up shortly after to take on Bridget’s Bashers in an exciting semi final match. Bridget’s Bashers, already gassed from their earlier match, couldn’t keep up with Secrets overall game. With the return of master setter Sam Roskowski, Victorious Secret advanced to the finals a third straight time with a 2-0 sweep with a score of 50-32.

In our final match of night 3 time defending champs Cupcakes took on Eddie’s Block Party. The intensity in this match was off the chart. In a thrilling game one, Eddie’s Block Party was able to hold strong and take the first game 25-20. Cupcakes would not go away that easy, as Adam Tower and Steve Crane took control and ran away with game two, taking it with 25-12 victory.

The deciding game 3 was one for the ages. Everyone in that match was making diving saves, keeping the ball alive like their life depended on it. Riley and Zack Welker were the key players in this game, as they slayed the giant and sent Cupcakes packing in a 25-22 victory, winning the match 2-1 with a score of 62-67. This marks the first time Jen Slack has made it to the finals.

Waiting to take her on is archrival Danny Anderson and Victorious Secret. Secret has eliminated Jen and her team from the playoffs twice now. Will history repeat itself and give Victorious Secret their first final win or will Eddie’s Block Party continue its cinderella story and final vanquish their long time foe?

Youth Soccer

This week in our adorable youth soccer program, many little ones showed off their skills to the world. In our 4-6 year old group Hannah Fox dazzled parents, dribble around defenders with ease. Lily Maynard also showed off her powerful foot, scoring three goals. The game went back and forth literally, with every kid running the length of floor chasing after the ball. The game ended in 6-4. Gracie Tardibone added a quick torpedo pass through the opposing team, while Tyler Raduns stormed down the court like a thundering cheetah at one point while chasing a loose ball.

Moving on to our 7-9 group, The Red Raptors took on Blue Bears in a back and forth game. Sophia Sentella was a stonewall in goal, not letting anything by her. Santella added a quick-slide across the gym floor for an epic save. Aidan Mescall was the Bear MVP as he scored all three goals, leading his team to 3-0 victory. Mescall ripped a mammoth thundering shot past the opposing goalie for his second goal.

In our final age group, our 10-12 year olds impressed everyone. The Black Panthers took on The Blue Wall. The wall wasn’t very strong this time around as Miya Troidl made quick work with the help of Aidan May, both netting two goals each. Troidl took a quick pass from May and crushed a one-timer goal. Cole Smith tried his best to bring back him team, scoring a hat trick but the Panthers’ team effort was too much to overcome as they fell 4-3. Smith’s first goal included a mesmerizing dribble session around defenders. Next week it’s a rematch for every team, we will see who gets the last laugh next week.