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Provided photos: The Holley Crosby’s reopening celebration included from left: David George, director of operations, Reid Stores, Inc.; Doug Galli, vice president, Reid Stores; Brenda Thompson, district leader, Crosby’s; Paul Quebral, president, The Reid Group; Robin Silvis, president of the Holley Central School District Board of Education; Paul Hendel, town of Murray councilperson; Marsha DeFillips, town of Murray historian; Tara Phelps, director of operations, Subway; Kevin Lynch, mayor, village of Holley; Kathy Quarantello, assistant team leader, Crosby’s Holley; Cindy Cotropia, team leader, Crosby’s Holley; Sean Westphal, sales associate, Crosby’s Holley; Tricia Hobson, assistant team leader, Crosby’s Holley; Melissa Delosh, sales associate, Crosby’s Holley; Elizabeth Ontiveros, sandwich artist, Subway Holley; April Larkin, sandwich artist, Subway Holley; Janine Carlson, sales associate, Crosby’s Holley; Angelica Kavanaugh, sales associate, Crosby’s Holley; Duane Clark, sales associate, Crosby’s Holley; Kayla Pagano, sales associate, Crosby’s Holley; Kevin Noon; Ken Clark, business development agent, Subway; Eileen Banker, representative from the office of State Assemblyman Stephen Hawley; and Dan Okun, director of sales and merchandising, Reid Stores.

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